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Founded by writer and teacher Judith Pennington, Eagle Life is a gateway to conscious evolution. Our presentations, products and publications awaken people to their inner wisdom and peace for everyday guidance to happiness, health and fulfillment.

In this unprecedented era a marriage of science and spirituality we are witnessing a global shift in consciousness toward compassion and cooperation. Eagle Life supports this awakening of awareness by teaching thousands of people to attain deep, profound meditation states that inspire love and unity.
We believe that within each person is
an inner voice of wisdom that calls us to be all that we can be: compassionate, loving people building a peaceful, enlightened world.
Our workshops, books, and guided meditations are based on a unique style of brainwave mastery that guides people to their creativity, insight and intuition for personal integration and spiritual transcendence.

Visit The Sanctuary to experience the deep peace of meditation, Brainwave Training to explore the amazing benefits of brainwave biofeedback meditation, and the Marketplace to investigate our tools for wellness and consciousness development.

Our two free e-publications, The Still, Small Voice and OneWorld Spirit, inform and illuminate readers throughout the world.

The mission of Eagle Life Communications is to inspire
and guide people to their inner wisdom and peace
for the greater good of all living things.

"Your workshop opened my mind to the possibility that I can come to know my true self...Your explanation of how the mind works is fantastic!"
Sandra H., Baton Rouge
Medical administrator
"A heartwarming journey of awakening, (Judith's) book is an intriguing account of how the soul guides the personality to experience fulfillment with the deepest self--the God-self. Her dance with the divine is a daring and pioneering template for healing and renewal."
Keith Varnum, Phoenix
Author and international teacher
"The gentle guiding and beautiful singing on your CD have allowed my meditations to go deeper."
Dianne Short
Virginia Beach, Va.
"I am only on page 88 of your book, but I have never said 'wow' and 'aha' so much before when reading anything. This is a masterpiece."
Jack Foy
"This workshop created many aha moments which my soul may have known but my conscious mind is only now able to accept. Having the tools and methodology to begin writing from the 'higher mind' gives me the confidence to write a long-awaited book."
Bert Wilson
New Orleans entrepreneur
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