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Dedicated to life mastery and spiritual growth, Eagle Life helps people soar into higher perspectives that heal and renew their lives.

Integrating science and spirituality, Judith Pennington’s presentations, products and publications touch the heart and open the mind to the unlimited creative potential of the spirit.

An internationally published journalist, author, meditation teacher, and EEG biofeedback consciousness trainer, Judith leads workshops and retreats across the United States and abroad. Succeeding EEG meditation pioneers C. Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise, she uses their unique brainwave mastery techniques to usher people into the awakened, high-performance mind of the masters and the evolved mind of illumination.

Judith’s workshops, books and guided meditations relate awakened mind development to other fields of consciousness research – such as dreaming, intuition, inspired writing, and energy healing – and to the most recent scientific discoveries about the brain, meditation and the mind.

To the science of brainwave meditation, Judith adds her warmth, sensitivity, inclusiveness, ease of communication, and musicality. A harpist, guitarist and improvisational singer, she uses the resonating beauty and power of the breath, voice and sound to guide people into relaxed and higher awareness during workshops and on her meditation CDs.

A developer and distributor of the Cade-Blundell Mind Mirror software, she conducts private EEG sessions, workshops, group brainwave trainings and practitioner trainings that teach people to orchestrate their brainwave frequencies into peak states of awareness. She is the only person in the world equipped to conduct group brainwave trainings with up to 18 people simultaneously connected to the Mind Mirror, a unique electro-encephalograph depicting a real-time composite of the brainwave frequencies of consciousness.

You are invited to visit Lectures & Workshops to explore a wide array of group presentations such as meditation and mind expansion, self-love, healing the past, and the path of the master. Be sure to explore the health benefits of biofeedback meditation and read excerpts from Judith’s compelling memoir, The Voice of the Soul, about her adventurous journey of awakening.

You will find much to think about and experience in our two free online publications, The Still, Small Voice, a newsletter on meditation and higher awareness, and OneWorld Spirit, a magazine about art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and world peace.

Eagle Life Communications is an international outreach
for personal and planetary transformation.


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