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The Meditation Experience, Vol. I & 2

These nature meditations, a series of inner journeys for peace, insight and healing, will open your heart, expand your senses, and awaken your mind to the wellspring of wisdom within you.

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What People Say
"The Voice of the Soul is the luminous, lyrical expression of a genuine spiritual pilgrim. Judith Pennington's insights continually refresh and inspire us. They are a reminder that the spiritual side of life makes life worth living."
Larry Dossey, M.D.,
Holistic pioneer
"Judith's book describes in a beautiful and moving manner the personal spiritual experience of one dedicated seeker of the Divine that is within and all around us."
Barbara Brennan, Ph.D.,
Spiritual leader
"Reading The Voice of the Soul opened the door to God for me: it helped me feel the beauty and love of God, where before I saw only blame and desolation. It helped me see beyond myself to the God inside me and put me on a path that is filled with faith and hope."
Jodie Dreher,
College student

"What a wonderful book. Thanks so much for writing it. It was the perfect mixture of science and spirituality that I so desperately wanted."
Bert Fife, Entrepeneur,
Baton Rouge
"...packed with gems of wisdom and enlightening ideas."
Venture Inward magazine
"Unlike anything else you've ever read, this book can help lead you to your own truth. And that is the highest and best purpose to which any work can aspire."
Christian Allman, author-publisher
New Orleans, La.

"A heartwarming journey of awakening, this book is an intriguing account of how the soul guides the personality to experience fulfillment with the deepest self–the God-self. There is profound simplicity and bare honesty to Judith’s mystical adventure that invites us to ponder our own path to greater self-awareness... Judith’s dance with the divine is a daring and pioneering template for healing and renewal."
Keith Varnum,
Teacher and author
" It’s such a forthright and honest journey. It shows people that no matter what their journey is, it’s no use holding on to the past. I think it very clearly says that and how, through all our difficulties, we have a guiding North Star pulling us toward the spiritual horizon–and that we all have one! Your book really takes people out of ideas of unworthiness and religious damnation to the essence of what is."
Mark Stupka,
Baton Rouge
" Thank you for your marvelous book! It reinforced thoughts I had perceived myself and helped dissolve my fears. My life was beginning a new phase and your book called to me from a friend’s bookshelf. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with the world – I know you have and will continue to be blessed for stepping out and telling the truth."
" I have been slowly reading your book, partly because I don’t want it to end. It always has the exact wisdom I need to hear at the moment. I have certainly read a zillion other books which say some of the same things, but for some reason this book is like salve to my heart and soul. It is very gentle, but really uplifting, with the strength of truth coming through every page. Thank you for your powerful book."
Angie Brown.
"When the stresses of daily life start wearing me down, I find it so relaxing and refreshing to give myself some time going within. Your CD provides the perfect imagery to help me escape, be still and listen!"
Deb Coscia,
Bethlehem, Pa.
"This CD is a pleasure and a joy...a wonderful, trusted friend bringing me back to myself every time."
Orhan McMillan,
Baton Rouge, La.
"I listen to your CD over and over again, usually just before bed, and it takes me to wonderful places. Of all my meditation CDs, yours is the best!"
Karen Garza,
Whitehall, Pa.
"This CD has greatly enhanced my meditation practice. The gentle guiding and Judy's beautiful singing have allowed my meditations to go deeper."
Dianne Short,
Virginia Beach
"This CD arrived just before I left for my honeymoon. I was exhausted and really needed to relax, so I listened to "The Lake of Inner Peace." It was the best place I could have gone. The music is really nice, and I enjoyed relaxing and visualizing my new life just the way I wanted it to be."
Dana Smith
"I am a neurotherapist working with people who have autism, ADD and other brain disorders, so I appreciate "down time" for myself at the end of the day. These excellent meditations are relaxing and always stimulate creative flows. I plan to use them with a few of my clients and expect them to get the same excellent results. I really enjoy your healing voice."
David C
"I was on my way to have radiation and decided to bring along this CD. I couldn't have chosen a better meditation than "The Healing Garden." I didn't think I could do radiation at all. It just seemed bigger than me. But this meditation makes all the difference. After I listen to it, I'm in a state of peace and connectedness and I'm saying that it's all good. Thank you, thank you, thank."
Johanna Silva
"I have never relaxed as well with a meditation before. My friend is a therapist and she uses the meditations on this CD a lot."
Marcia D.
"These are such beautiful meditations! Thanks for sharing your voice."
Lisa Robles
"I am truly enjoying your meditation CDs. I am not a novice when it comes to these things. I have a background in hypnotherapy, alternative healing arts, and music, and I am in the process of creating and producing my own guided meditations at the moment. I have listened to hundreds of guided meditations and have found mostof them to be lacking in some significant manner. And I just have to say I have never heard anyone do as good of a presentation as you have done. Everything works, your speaking voice, your singing voice, the script, the music, everything. Thank you so much for making this available to us. I will enjoy using them often."
Laya Stettler
“One of the most beautiful ways to walk us through the oceanside like the parent does for a child and introduces the vastness and depth of the ocean. One can clearly and fearlessly walk with you and slowly drift into the depths of our inner selves. I got to experience an instant connection to the whole universe in just 5 minutes!!! Thank you, Judith, for a wonderful experience.” (See Brainwaves video on the homepage of
Kusuma Prathap

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Books & CDs
Meditation and Wellness Tools
Biofeedback Meditation
Life Strategy Coaching
 The Voice of the Soul
A Journey into Wisdom and the Physics of God
If you hunger for something but do not know what it is, this spiritual memoir could be the most exciting and fulfilling journey that you will ever take. It is the true story of Judith Pennington, a busy freelance writer and single parent who believes in neither herself nor God, yet late one night picks up pen and paper, hears an inner voice, and records the wisest, most sensible guidance she's ever heard.

Over the next 12 years, these lyrical "writings" beckon her out of darkness into light. But who or what is this wise, kindly voice? Finding out takes the reader on a riveting journey into the depths of the human psyche and to spiritual power points in Medjugorje, Virginia Beach, the Findhorn Community, and the Celtic isle of Iona, where she walks in beauty and the psychic, discovers the science of spirituality, and embarks on her soul's destiny.

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No matter where you are on your journey, you will meet yourself in this universal story of personal transformation and enlightenment. The second half of the book, a selection of the author's beautiful, mystical writings of great wisdom, will resonate with the voice of your soul. 259 pages. Available in soft cover or as an e-book.
 Your Psychic Soul
Embracing Your Sixth Sense
This mystical and scientific journey into the psychic soul contains something for everyone. Filled with stories, exercises and meditations, and grounded in the Edgar Cayce readings, brainwave meditation techniques, and the physics of intuition, Your Psychic Soul shows how meditation, dream study, inspired writing, and psychic inquiry awaken us to the soul’s guiding wisdom and lives of happiness, health, and prosperity. Enhance your intuitive abilities and learn how meditators, psychics, and hands-on healers are evolving our world. Available in soft cover or as an e-book. This book’s companion guided meditations—The Meditation Experience, Volumes 1-4—are available below. 4th Dimension Press (A.R.E. Press), c2012.

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Guided Meditation CDs &
Downloadable Mp3 Tracks
The Meditation Experience:
Listening to Your Psychic Soul,
Volume 1
These nature meditations, a series of inner journeys for peace, insight and healing, will open your heart, expand your senses, and awaken your mind to the wellspring of wisdom within you. Each of three meditations helps achieve a specific goal: respectively, deep peace, inner discovery, and self-healing a thought pattern, relationship or illness. Based on the pioneering meditation techniques developed through brainwave biofeedback research, this compilation is written and voiced by Judith Pennington. Synthesizer music by soundscapes composer uses light/color and musical waveforms including Schumann and Pythagorean Resonances to help evoke optimal meditation states. Tested for effectiveness on an EEG biofeedback device, these three selections will quiet, calm and awaken your mind. 69 minutes
The Lake of Inner Peace
Relax into the depths
of inner tranquility
Length 17:55
The Inner Temple
Journey into self-discovery
and illumination
Length 25:57
The Healing Garden
Self-healing in a
garden of light
Length 25:10
The Meditation Experience
Listening to Your Psychic Soul
Volume 2
These inspiring meditations will guide you to the wisdom of your subconscious mind to tap a wellspring of creativity, insight and inner healing. Each of three meditations helps achieve a specific goal: respectively, resolving a creative challenge in a work project or personal relationship, discovering useful inner gifts, and clearing or transforming a subconscious issue or block. Judith's melodic voice and Celtic lap harp help listeners relax into deep, profound meditation states to expand into the awakened awareness of the subconscious soul. Integrating awakened-mind meditation techniques developed out of thirty years of brainwave biofeedback research, these meditations have been tested for effectiveness on an EEG biofeedback device. 77 minutes
Creative Light
Access a creative state
for problem-solving
Length 25:19
Gifts of Insight
Walk in the woods and
find gifts within you
Length 22:30
The Journey of

Transmute any question,
issue or challenge
Length 28:40
The Meditation Experience
Listening to Your Psychic Soul
Volume 3
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These light-filled guided meditations, accompanied by Judith’s improvisational singing and the mystical sound of her Celtic lap harp, will lift you into your luminous spirit. Conscious breathing, chanting, nature imagery, deep listening and distance healing animate the senses and open the heart to the whispers of the soul.

Keep pen and paper at hand to record your intuitive insights while Breathing Light, exploring Woods and Water, and entering The Illuminated Door to read your Book of Life in the Akashic Library. Expect self-discovery, key insights, and perceptible consciousness expansion.
These three meditations, tested on a brainwave device, will inspire and expand you. You will return often to these pleasurable nature journeys to reduce stress, awaken your mind, and lift your spirit. Expect self-discovery, soul awareness and spiritual illumination. 71 minutes
Breathing Light
Breath and sound
deepen into the presence
of light
Length 12:34
Woods and Water
Journey into self-discovery
and illumination
Length 33:21
The Illuminated Door
Reading your past
and future in the
Hall of Records
Length 25:05
The Meditation Experience,
Volume 4
Designed to amplify and stabilize your alpha brainwaves – a frequency bridge to meditation and creative states – these downloadable tracks offer a rich variety of inner experiences. Dance and sing to big band music, walk in the woods, listen to sensory images to strengthen your senses of perception, deepen into silent meditation, and explore your musical qualities and characteristics. Regular use of these tracks will calm your body-mind, speed your entry into meditation, and condition inner peace.
A Special Dinner
Dream night with big
band music by
Rob Stoneback
Length 15:09
Autumn Woods
Walk in the woods
and find gifts
within you
Length 9:41
Orange Trees by the Ocean
Sensory images
deepen meditation
& psychic ability
Length 15:14
The Heart of Meditation
Meditate on joy and
get a mantra to
enter the silence
Length 16:25
What Instrument Am I?
Discover keynote abilities
and insights within you
Length 10:48
Meditation and Wellness Tools
Mind Mirror
The new Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a unique and highly affordable brainwave biofeedback device, is designed for the awakened mind practitioner and for self-training. The Mind Mirror shows a composite of four brainwave categories—beta, alpha, theta and delta—in real time to help meditators and spiritual seekers attain the frequencies of optimal meditation and higher states of awareness. Visit The Institute for the Awakened Mind for detailed information and cost. See Meditation & Healing for key benefits. Email us for prices and more information.
The Awakened Mind
By C. Maxwell Cade
The Meaning of EEG
By Geoffrey G. Blundell
The definitive book by British biophysicist and mind researcher Max Cade, inventor of the Mind Mirror. Cade explains the science of brainwaves and how biofeedback, coupled with meditation, enables people to listen to the soul for deep intuitive insights. Includes exercises and meditations, along with research on altered states and healing.Rare book.276 pages.
Companion book by the electronics engineer who built the Mind Mirror. This study of brainwave patterns and their significance traces development of the technology and shows how to read composite beta, alpha, theta and delta patterns. Rare book.80 pages.
EmWave Personal Stress Reliever
Portable and easy to use, the emWave produced by The HeartMath Institute measures heart rate variability to gauge bodymind coherence. Your coherence level determines your state of relaxation, brain function, and overall health. Simply place your thumb on the window (or use an ear sensor) to connect, and watch the blinking light change from red to blue to green as you breathe evenly, relax and evoke positive emotions to attain coherence. Mastering challenge levels 2, 3 and 4 teaches you to evoke higher states of consciousness at will.

Watch a demo on this remarkable biofeedback wellness tool, an excellent way to stay serene during the day, access a quick, profound meditation state, and prepare your body for deep, restful sleep. Read the fascinating research behind this first-class product. Purchasing your emWave through helps support this website and our free online publications.
The Journey to Wild Divine:
The Passage & Wisdom Quest
Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback

Used in conjunction with finger sensors and a biofeedback "light stone," this meditation adventure game for children and adults teaches 40 inner imagery and breathing skills as you journey through beautiful, mystical places like Sun Palace, the Temple of Awareness, and Rainbow Rocks. Accompanied by uplifting music, masters and mentors, the journey to the "wild divine" in you also teaches patience, effective listening skills, ingenuity, and how to live in the present moment.

Complex and challenging, this 3-D animation game will enhance your meditations and everyday life. Purchase here to support our free online publications.
Biofeedback Graphics Expander

The Graphics Expander records your breath and heart rate variability while you are playing the Wild Divine meditation adventure game. Review these readings later, or use this real-time information independently to fine-tune your bodymind coherence, health, and brain function. Read the research to learn more about both of these Wild Divine meditation/stress-reduction training tools. Purchase here to support our free online publications, both listed below.

Private Sessions
Biofeedback Meditation
Private biofeedback meditation sessions, lasting 90 minutes to two hours, guide people into the lower, slower frequencies of deep-states meditation for self- discovery, healing, and transformation. Click on biofeedback meditation to learn about this amazing scientific gateway to self-mastery and enlightenment. Deepen your meditations, awaken your mind, and heal your body and soul through Awakened Mind training. Schedule your session with Judith Pennington by calling (610) 837-4166. Pay by credit card here.
Transpersonal Hypnosis
Hypnosis sessions, lasting two to four hours, work with subconscious and unconscious content to gain insights into problems, remove or reframe blocks, and clarify positive new directions. A certified hypnotist, Judith specializes in past life regression and present-life issues, using EEG, when desired, to ensure that people relax deeply to unerringly reach and maintain the stability and continuity of consciousness needed for deep healing of any kind.
Life Strategy Coaching
Life Strategy Coaching helps people move from story-based to intentional reality. Using many of the tools created for her Path of the Master courses, Judith Pennington works with the client to self-actualize and develop more beneficial perspectives and life directions. Life strategy sessions are held in person or over the telephone.

Spiritual counseling is available, when appropriate, to help the client reach an inner certainty of higher awareness. Schedule your session by telephoning Judith at (610) 837-4166. Pay by credit card here.
OneWorld Spirit

OneWorld Spirit, an annual e-magazine produced by Eagle Life Communications, features art, poetry, literature, psi research, spiritual politics, and the latest studies on the brain and consciousness.

Edited by Judith Pennington and written by expert interviewers and commentators, OneWorld is dedicated to everyone's right to live in peace and prosperity. OneWorld welcomes subscriber contributions in any amount. Through the power of intention, this global network of peacemakers makes a difference in our world.
The Still, Small Voice

The Still, Small Voice is a seasonal online newsletter devoted to the inner wisdom, peace, and multisensory awareness of the soul. This practical, profound publication, written and produced by Judith Pennington, offers tools, tips and techniques for awakening and evolving the body, mind and spirit.

Timely articles focus on meditation, dreamwork, intuition, and scientific research on consciousness. You will also find in this newsletter insights and quotable quotes from the world's greatest philosophers and teachers. Financial support in any amount is welcome and serves each person in this international e-group of more than 1,200 subscribers.
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