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What People Say
"I really appreciated your knowledge, personal experience and teaching ability. I'm impressed that my blood pressure has dropped to a normal level (in just one week of meditation). I am able to relax more easily, feel less tension, and have become more aware of my surroundings."
Jane Scheuermann, legal administrator
Baton Rouge, La.
"I'm feeling so great! The happy child in me is coming through and feeling playful and free. I feel like a weight has been lifted and attribute it to your presence and your workshop on self-love."
A.M., Edinboro, Pa.
"Thank you so much for the wonderful healing meditation you did. It clarified some things for me and enabled me to reach a greater degree of understanding and forgiveness. Your ongoing work with frequency and resonance has great potential to help a large number of people. I'm sure it will."
Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy
Biomedical scientist
Seattle, Wa.
"I've studied dreams for many years, but your dream workshop gave me different and new viewpoints. I liked the way you went around the circle and let everyone express a viewpoint and/or ask questions. We learn a lot from each other and I always find this very valuable."
Cindy Walk
Edinboro, Pa.
"This was one of the most fascinating classes I have taken! Answers to questions I have had were answered and a new sense of my universe and my role in it was revealed to me. What a wonderful teacher!"
Mae Kamin
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! As a novice, I found your workshop most info-rmative and beneficial, and I grew in this spiritual journey I am on. Your sincerity and personal communication were most valuable and added a few bricks to my newly constructed foundation in this area."
Cindy Pharis
Abita Springs, La.
"I liked your sensitivity to people in the audience and your openness and ability to speak to each person in terms of his/her needs."
Richard Norton, Jr.
Metairie, La.
"I've now attended three of your workshops, and they are always helpful, tender and full of practical guidance to get me back on track. What I like best about them is that I sense and experience loving teaching."
Cathi Edward,
Baton Rouge, La.
"I just lost my husband of 55 years and believe that meditation will help me fill the void. This is a whole new experience for me and I loved it!"
Agnes Titkemeyer
Baton Rouge, La.
"You showed me it was possible for someone like me, an ordinary individual, to reach the depths of one's own being and attain a higher awareness of existence. So calm, so peaceful...Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind along with your soothing music and angelic voice."
Deborah Cashio,
Baton Rouge
"I initially came to your meditation class upon the urging of a friend, but was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it and will take away from it. It was a new experience for me, but one I intend to expand on!"
Pamela Center,
Bethlehem, Pa.
"I loved everything about this workshop. The explanation of brain wave states and correlation to Edgar Cayce and meditation crystallized many important concepts for me on many levels. Judith is truly a light and an enlightened (and enlightening) teacher! Her humor and down-to-earth approach made her a joy to listen to."
S.L., ARE Center
New York City
"I learned a great deal about how to implement methods of peace in my life as well as how to help myself and others during times of conflict. This workshop ("The I of the Storm") has also helped me to widen my spiritual horizons and understanding. Wonderful job. Thank you very much."
Michael Snyder,
Computer Technician
Bethlehem, Pa.
"The meditations were beautiful and uplifting. The inclusion of scientific background and justifications really added to the experience and satisfied me. I've sensed for some time the need to explore meditation and spirituality, but needed some help in finding direction. This will be a lifelong pursuit. Thank you."
Micah Russell,
Graduate student
"Thank you for being such a giving person and a loving teacher. Just the right blend of theory and doing, conceptual and practical exercises. You've helped us bring out wonderful things--coaxing out our souls."
Sylvia Chappelle,
Writer, NYC
"I loved this workshop. I learned more about the brain and meditation than ever and how that information relates to me, how we have control and the ability to do so much if we just focus, visualize and breathe! Thank you for a delightful day!"
Helen Psareas,
New Orleans
"Excellent workshop! It affirmed what I felt about my intuitive abilities. I liked that Judith stayed on focus. I was never bored. She held my attention 100 percent. Thank you Judith!"
Sandra Bongiovanni,
Baton Rouge

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How to Use This Calendar

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To schedule an event, please e-mail Judith
or call 1-610-837-4166.


Meditation Gatherings. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month from 7-9 p.m. for hot tea, camaraderie, and musical meditations tailored to the needs of the people in attendance. A $10 free will donation supports this ongoing open event. Call (610) 837-4166 for directions or more information.

December 8-17    Bath, Pennsylvania
Awakened Mind Practitioner Training. Seminars 3 and 4, each lasting for 4.5 days, are open only to students who have taken Seminars 1 and 2. The content includes continued hands-on practice with the Mind Mirror 6 equipment and experience with advanced meditations designed to stabilize the awakened mind pattern and prepare the practitioner to train others. This secon half of the certification curriculum also includes how to write awakened mind meditations and work with groups. Visit the Practitioners page of to see an international list of practitioners and the Training page for further description of the content of these two seminars. Email us to register.
February 1    Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Your Psychic Soul: Tapping into Your Inner Guidance for Creativity, Insight and Healing. This practical and highly experiential all-day program shows how to deepen into your psychic soul for creative solutions, life guidance, and joy-filled connection with Source. Dynamic discussions, empowering exercises, a brainwave map of consciousness, and mind-expanding meditations will help you heal the past, shed old patterns, raise your consciousness, and evolve your brainwaves into the frequencies of your higher self. Relax into the quiet depths of your subconscious mind for profound self-discovery as you rise into the infinite awareness of your essential being. To register, call 215-348-5755 or visit the Events page of Location: BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown, PA 18901.
February 28-March 9    Bath, Pennsylvania
Awakened Mind Practitioner Training. Seminars 1 and 2 teach self-trainers or practitioner trainees how to operate the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a brainwave biofeedback device that monitors brainwave patterns and stat brainwave patterns. Practitioners enjoy deep-state meditations, see their brainwave patterns, and learn how to write and conduct EEG-led biofeedback meditation sessions. Email us to join this training.
March 15    Cincinnati, Ohio
Your Psychic Soul: Tapping into Your Inner Guidance for Creativity, Insight and Healing. This practical and highly experiential all-day program shows how to deepen into your psychic soul for creative solutions, life guidance, and joy-filled connection with Source. Dynamic discussions, empowering exercises, a brainwave map of consciousness, and mind-expanding meditations will help you heal the past, shed old patterns, raise your consciousness, and evolve your brainwaves into the frequencies of your higher self. Relax into the quiet depths of your subconscious mind for profound self-discovery as you rise into the infinite awareness of your essential being. To register, call 1-800-333-4499 or visit
March 22    Fairfax, Virginia
Your Psychic Soul: Tapping into Your Inner Guidance for Creativity, Insight and Healing. This practical and highly experiential all-day program shows how to deepen into your psychic soul for creative solutions, life guidance, and joy-filled connection with Source. Dynamic discussions, empowering exercises, a brainwave map of consciousness, and mind-expanding meditations will help you heal the past, shed old patterns, raise your consciousness, and evolve your brainwaves into the frequencies of your higher self. Relax into the quiet depths of your subconscious mind for profound self-discovery as you rise into the infinite awareness of your essential being. To register, call 1-800-333-4499 or visit
April 15-29    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Meditation I. Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, provide relief from insomnia, and improve immune function. Committed practice increases health, decreases stress and anxiety, and promotes deep and lasting inner unity and peace. The presentation of a brainwave map of the mind, personal use of a biofeedback meter, and several guided visualizations will teach you to relax and access profound meditation quickly and easily. Includes a live EEG demonstration, textbook and guided meditations. Tuesday nights, 6-9 p.m. Northampton Community College, 3935 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, Pa. 18020. Call 1-877-543-0998 to register or visit

Lectures and Sunday Talks
The Alchemy of Meditation
Currents of light flow through the bodymind during meditation, connecting us to the soul-self and its beautiful Light. These frequencies of light heal the body, unite our hearts and minds, and attune every atom and cell to a higher vibration. This talk on the awesome power of meditation to awaken and evolve human consciousness incorporates mystical wisdom and scientific findings with direct experience of this ancient art.
Conversations with Soul
An open conversation about the pure, perfect voice of soul and how it waits and wants to guide us into love, peace, wisdom and prosperity. Exercises and guided meditations enable participants to experience the soul’s higher perspectives and see what our lives and the planet really look like.
Dream a Little Dream of Me

This entertaining Sunday song and talk addresses the heart’s desire for guidance, the soul’s willingness to give it, and the power of the mind to make our dreams of life come true. Parading onto the dream-stage of this talk comes a cast of characters ranging from Bible stories and quantum physics to the spiritual laws of manifestation. The divine playwright is the voice of soul speaking in sleeping dreams of what is and what can be, calling each of us to a more joyful, prosperous life.

Edgar Cayce and the Intuitive Soul
The late great seer and diagnostician Edgar Cayce listened to all the languages of his soul, and today, an amazing brain wave biofeedback map of consciousness illustrates precisely how. This navigational blueprint of the layers of your mind, presented with Cayce’s teachings on higher states and your experience of them, shows the path to the awakened, psychic mind of personal mastery and spiritual enlightenment.
The High-Performance Mind
During this one-hour presentation, learn how to control stress, sharpen your thinking, access your creativity and develop the awakened, high-performance mind of success. An amazing brain wave map of the mind shows a group of business leaders how to navigate their way to greater clarity, focus, productivity and profit.
The Light of the New Millennium

We are experiencing an amazing shift in consciousness right now, perhaps the most exciting one of all time. Join this dynamic discussion of how ancient mysteries, brain wave science and alchemical earth energies are awakening us to who we are--and can be. Learn to "ride the waves" of change by experiencing the light of the inner self which calls us to the dawn of a new day. This talk will surprise and perhaps amaze you. Above all, it will enlighten you with hope for the future.
The Master’s Way
In this Sunday talk, we trace the stages of the hero's journey toward enlightenment--and how to get there with grace and ease. This is the evolutionary pathway walked by the Master Jesus and all other spiritual masters seeking to live in the light of peace, joy, freedom, healing and oneness.
The Real Jesus

Each religion sees Jesus differently, but who was he, really, according to scholars and historians? This fascinating talk reveals the mystical teachings of early Christianity, lost until the recent discovery and translation of the Essenian Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts of the Christian Gnostics: in particular, Jesus’s extraordinary teachings about the Light, the "kingdom of God within" and our intuitive “gifts of the Spirit.” Learn how this master’s true message, at last revealed, is bringing about a global paradigm shift affecting each and every person on this planet.
The Voice of the Soul
The story of Judith's awakening to spirit speaks to everyone on the path of self-transcendence. It traces her journey from angry disbelief to scientific comprehension of how the heart opens, the mind awakens and the spirit evolves into its highest and best. You won't want to miss this personal story of the universal path to peace, joy, oneness and prosperity.
Walking on Water
What critical mass in consciousness enabled ancient mystics and the Gnostic followers of Jesus to heal the sick, raise the dead, resurrect the body and walk on water? According to spiritual science and the arcane wisdom of the temple mystery schools, anyone can do these things. But how? This Sunday talk addresses that question and some very interesting answers.

Music and Meditation
Meditation Gatherings

Join us in these cozy gatherings of hot tea and camaraderie, during which we share meditation techniques and relax into harp-accompanied meditations for self-discovery, healing and transformation. The meditations are different each time, depending on the needs of participants, and may include ancient mystical practices and modern scientific findings.

Musical Visions of Oneness
Let love and laughter carry you into the spiral radiance of each other and the Creative Forces in movement and repose. We will tone, chant, meditate and sing ourselves across the bridge from this world into higher states of consciousness, dancing soul to soul with gentle, luminous songs from the Sufi tradition. Bring your shakers, drums and other percussion instruments to play, sing, dance and rejoice in higher awareness of the One!

The Music of Spirit, The Song of the Soul

An evening concert about the Divine Harmonic, with inspiring music and talk about how singer-songwriters David Aucoin and Judith Pennington tap in to the music of Spirit and how you can, too. David and Judy play their own songs on guitar, sing their exquisite harmonies together, and invite the audience to sing along with ever-deepening spiritual songs and chants opening to the inner voice of the soul and Spirit.

Workshops and Courses
The Alchemy of Light: Meditation & Music
Experience the healing currents of light in a musical, meditative journey to the awakened, evolved mind of higher consciousness and amplify this alchemical light during a powerful healing circle. You will hear what Edgar Cayce said about meditation’s ability to develop your natural spiritual abilities, then see scientific proof of his claims in an amazing brain wave "map of the mind" tracing the path to the high-performance mind of mastery. Relaxation and mind-calming techniques, chanting, singing, toning and musical guided meditations will carry you into these peaceful transcendent states, self-discovery, healing and transformation.
Ancient Alchemy: The Secrets of Healing & Transformation
This fascinating experiential workshop shares the secrets of Light and Sound used by the Essenes and Christian Gnostics two thousand years ago to heal and transform the body, mind and spirit. Lectures, visual images, music and guided meditations relate this arcane knowledge to the Edgar Cayce readings and the New Physics. A brainwave map of the mind and a series of powerful guided meditations enable people to experience the awakened and evolved mind of alchemical transcendence.
Awakening the High-Performance Mind:
Developing Mastery Through Brainwave Training

Designed for business people and corporations, this workshop or course shows how to master your brain waves and develop the awakened, high-performance mind. A brain wave "map of the mind" illustrates how to navigate the layers of consciousness to evoke your optimal state for the task and moment. Learning and practicing these quick, easy meditation and mind-expansion techniques reduces stress and is guaranteed to boost your productivity. During guided meditations, you will evoke and experience the Awakened Mind of sparkling mental clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and connection. If desired, the presenter will hook up volunteers to an EEG biofeedback device to demonstrate in real-time the activities of the mind and how to obtain greater peace and clarity at work and at home.
Awakening Your Mind, Healing Your Body

Tailored to hospitals and medical and wellness centers, this workshop or course traces and experientially teaches the healing benefits of meditation. Participants will see a brain wave "map of the mind" illustrating how to navigate the layers of consciousness in order to bring the brain and central nervous system into balance so that it can heal the body. Expect handouts tracing the success of EEG biofeedback in curing closed head injuries, epilepsy, depression, ADD, addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and much more. If desired, the presenter will hook up volunteers to an EEG biofeedback meditation device to demonstrate in real-time the activities of the mind and how your brain waves can be mastered to increase your health, creativity and insight.
Awakening Your Mind with Brainwave Biofeedback

See an amazing map of the four layers of consciousness and how to develop the awakened, high-performance mind of mastery. Mind-expansion techniques and musical guided meditations will carry you into enlightened states of mind shown in "real time" on a brainwave biofeedback device hooked up to the heads of volunteers. This experiential workshop is fundamental to every spiritual journey. It will teach you to:
Deepen your meditations for lasting peace and calm
Master "mind chatter" and open all levels of your mind
Enhance your creativity, self-knowledge, intuition and spiritual connection
Awaken you to the inner light of soul guidance
Develop your psychic abilities

Several volunteer participants will be hooked up to the Mind Mirror, one of only 15 devices in the world being used to expand consciousness in this way. During this extraordinary demonstration, you will see how stressful thoughts create "broken points of consciousness" and, conversely, how deep meditative states expand awareness. With this knowledge, you can consciously cooperate with your soul, develop the qualities of enlightened mastery and carve a more beautiful, smoother path through life.


The Awesome Power of Dreams

While dreaming at night, we tap into a rich, pure river of imagery containing key messages from the higher self about body, mind and spirit and how to heal and renew every aspect of our lives. This fun and useful workshop enables you to:
Awaken to your dreams by understanding what they really are
Learn how to enhance your dream and improve your recall
Interpret dreams in ordinary and higher states of consciousness
Strengthen your connection with your soul and its guidance by Spirit.
Don’t let your dreams float into oblivion! Use them to solve everyday problems in life and to guide you into your unique destiny and blossoming. Just bring a few dreams along–and watch them come true!

Conversations with Soul: Beyond Time and Space

This exciting, experiential workshop proves your soul's ability to reach through time and space for information on your past, present and future. We will discuss the expansion of the mind into transcendent states of consciousness, as you experience these states through ever-deepening guided meditations, a past life regression and a progression, or remote viewing, into your future.
Next, you will learn the essential facts about the "science of the psychic," discovered through 30 years of disciplined research on remote viewing, so that you can derive accurate, dependable insights and information for yourself and others. You will test this accuracy as a group, while doing two remote viewing exercises, and individually, as you pair up with partners to give and be given intuitive readings focused on your past and future.
By the end of this class, you will be able to tap into the voice of your soul to gather the most important and useful knowledge from Universal Mind, or the Quantum Field of Consciousness.
This fascinating research and your direct, personal experience of inner guidance will help you move toward healing, enlightenment and a more joyful, prosperous life--here and beyond time and space.
Conversations with Soul: Spirits Beyond Time & Space
Meet your guides, tap into the wisdom of your soul and dance along your path in a spiral of radiance extending from God to you. In this workshop, we discuss the milestones on your path of mastery and lovingly partake of what ancient prophets and Edgar Cayce called "the communion of saints": soul communication with like-spirited teachers, guides and angels serving as companions to each and all. Edgar Cayce said these messengers of truth are a "union of force" empowering you to see the most beneficial choices and opportunities. Guided meditations lead into the realm of soul to attune you to your teachers and guides for greater ease, grace and joy in your life journey.

The Heart of Love

This heart-opening celebration of art, music, meditation and creative writing takes us to the mirror of truth to pull away the veils of illusion and reveal the pure, perfect light that we really are. In this life-enhancing workshop on self-love, you will accept and appreciate your core self by experiencing the truth of you: a brilliant spark of the Divine with infinite wisdom, compassion and love. This enjoyable and highly experiential workshop, based on self-discovery exercises and group discussion, will help you transmute destructive beliefs, embrace positive living and discover your soul's mission and purpose. Expect to laugh, love and lighten up!
The “I” of the Storm:
A Workshop on Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a source of great pain and chaos in our lives and throughout the world, but it need not be. There are ways to step out of the storms of conflict into mutual respect, understanding, cooperation and partnership. This dynamic workshop teaches:
The 4 winds of conflict and how to disengage from them
The beliefs and expectations that create conflict
How to be more peaceful at work and home
How to listen to your deeper self, colleagues and loved ones
Powerful ways to untangle old and new sources of conflict
How to see conflict as a teacher and friend.
This interactive workshop, based on the work of Unity peacemaker Gary Simmons, Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn and facilitator Judith Pennington’s own knowledge and experience, offers mindfulness and calming techniques, exciting new insights on who you came here to be, and profound perspectives on how to get along with others. It will help you make better choices and live a healthier, happier life.

Inspirational Writing: Your Hand in God’s

Learning to set aside the busy, thinking mind to commune with Divine Mind is one of the most beautiful experiences in all of life. It is luminous, like our deepest, most inspired meditations, and it uplifts us into the heart of God and whatever we seek there—whether wisdom, comfort, counsel, assurance or the bliss of God's love.
During inspirational writing, we move beyond thought, open our hearts, meet our souls and feel in soul’s holy presence our finest teacher and most loving friend. In this experiential, technique-driven workshop, you will:
Learn when and how best to do inspirational writing, according to 16 years of personal experience and remote viewing research
Steadily move into deeper levels of consciousness through intuition-strengthening exercises and musical guided meditations
Tap into your wise, kindly soul voice and God’s infinite wisdom
Gain personal guidance for anything
Master a spiritual skill flowing lyrical guidance into every aspect of your life
The Intuitive Languages of Soul
(And How to Speak Them)

Soul communicates with personality in different ways to expand our five senses into a multisensory perception of life and spirit. This fascinating experiential class demonstrates these languages and helps you identify and enhance those you speak best.

In this fun, upbeat workshop, based on the science of the psychic, you will:
Identify how and when your intuition works best, according to scientific research
Link your sensory preferences to your perceptions of the world, to better understand yourself and others
Learn to strengthen and enhance your intuition for use at will
Pair up with others to give and receive intuitive readings
Gain a valuable life skill that will draw you into your highest and best
Deepen your connection to the peace and wisdom of your gentle, loving soul.
Letting Go of the Past, Weaving a Joyous Future

Out of the fabric of the past emerge the thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that shape our patterns of behavior and weave the tapestry of our tomorrows. Pain, loss and sadness, held in the body-mind as tangled energy, block the Divine Light waiting to flow in and through us. In this workshop, we gently return to the past, empty the hurt, and free the heart to open fully in the present and reunite with mind in the proper balance: intellect serving heart, heart serving soul, and soul serving Love. Creative self-discovery with art and writing, group interaction, guided meditations and a rare, powerful healing circle help us discard outworn baggage, anticipate the goodness in all of life, and continue our journeys in health, wholeness and the blissful joy of freedom.

The Mind Map and The Evolution into Christ Consciousness

A fascinating experiential workshop illustrating how meditation and mindful living evolve us into the awakened mind and psychic soul of the spiritual master. This amazing brain wave “map of the mind,” a board presentation interspersed with guided meditations, will bring you into heightened states of awareness so that you can return to them at will and develop the master consciousness attained by Jesus, Buddha and other enlightened beings. In these higher states is our peace, joy, oneness and freedom.
Whether you are a new or seasoned meditator, this navigational blueprint of the layers of mind will help you control the depth and quality of your meditations and your life. With these easy and powerful meditation skills, you will be able to sharpen your thinking and enhance your creativity, intuition and spiritual connection in just a minute or two. These techniques and the practice of meditation will help you reduce inner and outer stress, anxiety and conflict, producing balanced health in your body, mind, spirit and life.
This fascinating workshop, an essential roadmap for everyone, is the foundation of Judith's "The Path of the Master" series. Its counterpart, Practical Meditation, is designed for people who are not necessarily pursuing a spiritual path. The present version, designed for spiritual seekers, additionally reveals where every soul is destined to go and how to get there.
The Path of the Master:
Awakening & Self-Realization
A Step-by-Step Journey into Personal Mastery
& Spiritual Enlightenment

This course, tailored to group and location, attunes participants to Universal Mind, ancient masters, esoteric wisdom and a multisensory perception of self and life in order to clear the bodymind of obstacles for its expansion into illumination. Group discussion and self-discovery exercises make these classes fascinating, lively and profoundly transformative. Workbooks bring the lessons home.


The Fall 2005 course at Transformation U, located at the A.R.E. of New York Center, focuses on spiritual discernment, the universal laws of life, the principles of creation and manifestation, the intuitive "languages" of soul, soul retrieval, spiritual helpers, psychic empathy and self-protection, lightwork and much more. You can count on friendship with like-minded spirits and whatever else is needed in your journey of soul.

Practical Enlightenment

This lively, life-enhancing class is a journey into the peace, joy and oneness of personal and spiritual mastery. The laws of nature, the path of the master and the psychospiritual tools of success are shared in group discussion, workbook exercises and guided meditations. You will open to your inner wisdom, discover who you came here to be, create a personal mission statement and learn to live a peaceful, harmonious life of abundance, grace and ease. This class is appropriate for beginners and is an excellent continuation for previous students of Practical Meditation and Practical Intuition.

Practical Intuition

The “sixth sense” of intuition exists in the limitless expanse of the mind and is easily tapped by artists, housewives, students and business people seeking insights and creative solutions. In this experiential class, you will learn how to clear your mind, animate your senses, sharpen your perceptual powers and cross into the world of intuition to enhance every aspect of your life.
This class includes board illustrations of how to open the mind and how to tap into non-ordinary states of knowing. Remote viewing evidence proves how and when this natural intuitive gift works best. Guided imagery helps each person identify their primary organs of perception, and a self-administered questionnaire links these preferences with recognizable personality traits that enable us to better understand ourselves and others.
Lastly, and most importantly, participants directly experience their intuitive gifts in a fascinating series of exercises including some or all of the following: guided visualizations, remote viewing, dream interpretation, psychometry and paired “readings” of one another.
This fun, upbeat class yields an invaluable life skill to be used in every aspect of life. The class focuses on the most important factors—from diet to everyday awareness—that enable us to derive the most benefit from this extended sensory ability (ESP). Liberal handouts continue the teaching process with intuition-building techniques.
Practical Meditation

Control stress, sharpen your thinking, tap into creative insights and enhance your quality of life by mastering your brainwaves and entering the silence. Easy meditation tools and techniques, guided visualizations and an amazing navigational blueprint of consciousness will transport you into the awakened, evolved high-performance mind of mastery and fulfillment.
You will learn exactly what meditation is, how it works and how to do it. This class integrates the art and science of meditation with a series of highly useful techniques to calm and quiet the busy, thinking mind and enter a peaceful, balanced state of consciousness.
Whether you are a new or seasoned meditator, the “map of the mind” presented in this class will show you how to navigate and control the depth and quality of your meditations and your life. By remembering the “felt” sense of state accessed during these guided meditations, you will be able to return to these relaxed, higher perspectives and greater health in body, mind and spirit.


Awakening Your Mind

In this amazing workshop, we explore the art of meditation and the science of consciousness through a brainwave map of the mind and relate it to the evolutionary journey of body, mind and spirit. An EEG biofeedback device, hooked up to two volunteers, illustrates in real-time the activities of consciousness. Scientific guided meditations expand participants into heightened states of mental acuity, creativity, insight, psychic and spiritual awareness to access the inner voice of wisdom that guides us into our highest and best.

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