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If I want to learn to meditate, do I have to believe in God?
No. Meditation is a technique used to reduce stress, sharpen the mind, balance the emotions and connect with your core. This is psychoneuroimmunology, a science. It's also more, of course, but you can bypass the spiritual aspect of meditation altogether (though probably not forever).
If I want to host a Personal Growth workshop, will Judith try to convert me to some religion?
No, personal freedom and choice are central to Judith's philosophy and all principled spiritual teachings. Her mission is to inspire and guide others to find their wisdom and inner peace. The operative word is their.
It looks to me like the world is going to hell in a handbasket and things are not getting any better. Are you trying to tell me there's hope?
Absolutely. Our perceptions of life and thus, the lives we live are based on our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes. Our lives can be as beautiful as we want them to be, no matter what others are doing. Everything but beauty, harmony and love is an illusion, anyway. If I can drop my "world-is-a-mess" anxiety, then you can, too! As the saying goes, change your mind, change your life.
What makes Judith Pennington such a know-it-all?
I'm still learning, like everyone, but my Ph.D. in the School of Hard Knocks has taught me a lot. Because I took careful notes, I have passed tests and my life has changed from nightmarish to beautiful. If you're still not convinced, I invite you to buy my book and read it and/or e-mail me!
Does anyone but Pollyanna (ask your mom if you don't know the character) believe in utopian peace and love?
Yes! Hundreds of thousands of us, probably millions. We're the baby boomers, the largest population in America. And with your help, we will create peace on Earth. It takes only one-tenth of one percent, 5 million people, to do so. (All help is greatly appreciated!)
If you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you.
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