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What People Say
"The Voice of the Soul is the luminous, lyrical expression of a genuine spiritual pilgrim. Judith Pennington's insights continually refresh and inspire us. They are a reminder that the spiritual side of life makes life worth living."
Larry Dossey, M.D.,
Holistic pioneer
"Judith's book describes in a beautiful and moving manner the personal spiritual experience of one dedicated seeker of the Divine that is within and all around us."
Barbara Brennan, Ph.D.,
Spiritual leader
"Reading The Voice of the Soul opened the door to God for me: it helped me feel the beauty and love of God, where before I saw only blame and desolation. It helped me see beyond myself to the God inside me and put me on a path that is filled with faith and hope."
Jodie Dreher,
College student

"What a wonderful book. Thanks so much for writing it. It was the perfect mixture of science and spirituality that I so desperately wanted."
Bert Fife, Entrepeneur,
Baton Rouge
"...packed with gems of wisdom and enlightening ideas."
Venture Inward magazine
"Unlike anything else you've ever read, this book can help lead you to your own truth. And that is the highest and best purpose to which any work can aspire."
Christian Allman, author-publisher
New Orleans, La.

"A heartwarming journey of awakening, this book is an intriguing account of how the soul guides the personality to experience fulfillment with the deepest self–the God-self. There is profound simplicity and bare honesty to Judith’s mystical adventure that invites us to ponder our own path to greater self-awareness... Judith’s dance with the divine is a daring and pioneering template for healing and renewal."
Keith Varnum,
Teacher and author
" It’s such a forthright and honest journey. It shows people that no matter what their journey is, it’s no use holding on to the past. I think it very clearly says that and how, through all our difficulties, we have a guiding North Star pulling us toward the spiritual horizon–and that we all have one! Your book really takes people out of ideas of unworthiness and religious damnation to the essence of what is."
Mark Stupka,
Baton Rouge
"When the stresses of daily life start wearing me down, I find it so relaxing and refreshing to give myself some time going within. Your CD provides the perfect imagery to help me escape, be still and listen!"
Deb Coscia,
Bethlehem, Pa.
"This CD is a pleasure and a joy...a wonderful, trusted friend bringing me back to myself every time."
Orhan McMillan,
Baton Rouge, La.
"I listen to your CD over and over again, usually just before bed, and it takes me to wonderful places. Of all my meditation CDs, yours is the best!"
Karen Garza,
Whitehall, Pa.
"This CD has greatly enhanced my meditation practice. The gentle guiding and Judy's beautiful singing have allowed my meditations to go deeper."
Dianne Short,
Virginia Beach

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