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CD Reviews

Book Reviews & Reader Feedback
"The Voice of the Soul is the luminous, lyrical expression of a genuine spiritual pilgrim. Judith Pennington's insights continually refresh and inspire us. They are a reminder that the spiritual side of life makes life worth living."
Larry Dossey, M.D.
Pioneer in Holistic Healing
Author of "Healing Beyond the Body,"
"Reinventing Medicine," & "Healing Words"
"Judith's book describes in a beautiful and moving manner the personal spiritual experience of one dedicated seeker of the Divine that is within and all around us."
Barbara Brennan
Internationally Known Spiritual Leader
Founder, Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Best-selling author, "Hands of Light"
and "Light Emerging"
"...packed with gems of wisdom and enlightening ideas..."
Venture Inward Magazine
"This is a book you should run, not walk, to read...If you have time to read only one book, let it be 'The Voice of the Soul.' Judith Pennington, who also gives us the companion CD of guided meditations, 'The Illuminated Door,' has written an inspiring pathway to the wisdom and love waiting to be heard within all of us!"
Richard Fuller Metaphysical Reviews
"...beautiful, profound writings that awaken and guide readers to the wisdom of their own souls. An unforgettable, life-changing read!"
Leading Edge Review
"I read your story and found it compelling. I loved how you shared from your vulnerability, took the reader through the drama of your life and showed how Spirit is always waiting to express through us if we are awake and listening."
Rev. Pat Bessey
Unity Church of Virginia Beach
"Reading 'The Voice of the Soul' opened the door to God for me: it helped me feel the beauty and love of God, where before I saw only blame and desolation. It helped me see beyond myself to the God inside me and put me on a path that is filled with faith and hope."
Jody Dreher
College Student and Daughter
"The 'writings' are beautiful messages of love, patience and peace...All in all, this is a beautiful experience with a message of hope, and the open-mindedness with which it is written has given me answers that I can hold dear and pass on. Thank you, Ms. Pennington, from the bottom of my heart."
Rita Malone, respiratory therapist
Poet and writer for
"The other day I was in a spiritually ‘down’ place. I went outside and opened up your book. The page I opened to was just what I needed. It spoke to me. God spoke to me through this book."
Tina McFadden
Psych technician, Red River Treatment Center
"Your book really held my interest. It’s an adjunct, a companion, to my own spiritual journey and growth. I loved your honesty and the reminder that in the middle of all this chaos that is our lives, there’s this redeeming spirit. There’s something great about finding another human being doing what you’re doing. You write a compelling story."
Mark Courtman
Health food store owner, workshop leader, healer
Workshop Evaluations
"This was one of the most fascinating classes I have taken. Answers to questions I have had were answered and a new sense of my universe and my role in it was revealed to me. What a wonderful teacher!"
Mae Kamin
"Evolving into Christ Consciousness" workshop
Unity in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
"After your April seminar, where you showed us how to use the alpha bridge to go to theta and delta, I have experienced a much more powerful "orbit" (of energy) in my meditations. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us."
Don Dillon, New York City
"Thank you for being such a giving person and a loving teacher. Just the right blend of theory and doing, conceptual and practical exercises. You've helped us bring out wonderful things–coaxing out our souls."
Sylvia Chappell, writer
"The Languages of Soul" workshop,
A.R.E. of New York Center
"I loved this workshop. I learned more about the brain and meditation than ever and how that information relates to me, how we have control and the ability to do so much if we just focus, visualize and breathe! Thank you for a delightful day. "
Helen Psareas, New Orleans
"I liked your sensitivity to people in the audience and your openness and ability to speak to each person in terms of his/her needs."
Richard Norton, Jr., Metairie, La.
"I look forward to putting into practice the (meditation) techniques learned and have confidence that they will work where others have failed."
Duane H., Louisiana
"This was a great workshop and certainly expanded my understanding of psychic abilities. I appreciated the techniques that addressed mind chatter, and I enjoyed the meditation exercises."
Lucinda Beacham, Ponchatoula, La.
"Excellent workshop! It affirmed what I felt about my abilities. I liked that Judith stayed on focus. I was never bored. She held my interest 100 percent. Thank you, Judith!"
Sandra Bongiovanni, Walker, La.
"I appreciated the in-depth explanation of each topic and the warmth and realness of the instructor, which made the workshop a gathering of like minds and not some boring lecture."
Larry Byrd
A.R.E. Center of New York
"Your profound remarks moved and have changed my life. I will remember your talk always."
Norbert Dennis
Retired mathematician
"I'm feeling so great! The happy child in me is coming through and feeling playful and free. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I attribute it to your presence and your workshop on self-love. Thank you."
Annette M.
High school librarian
"Coming from a Type A lifestyle, I feel I have made great progress in my meditation in just one week--from not being able to focus to relaxing enough that my dreams are brighter in color and contain smells and feeling. I look forward to this journey. Thank you."
Cindy Rodney
Medical Professional
"Your workshop opened my mind to the possibility that I can come to know and be my 'true' self. When I came to your practical Meditation class, I didn't know what to expect, so was completely open to new ideas. Your explanation of how the mind works is fantastic!"
Sandra Hebert
Medical Professional
"I'm very glad I came to this workshop. I feel like it has shown me that meditation really does hold great possibilities for me. The diagram of how the mind works with meditation was very interesting and helps with the meditation itself. I wanted to stay on!"
Anne Daw
"In the week after our first session, I stayed better focused in my prayers. I pray a rosary every day and my mind wanders a fair bit. Now I stay focused longer."
Mark Davis
"Your voice and the sounds made by your musical instrument enhanced my meditative state. It was soothing. I'm glad that we mostly meditated and did not have to talk too much."
James Hood
Musician and Wood Artist
"I was very impressed with your knowledge and delivery. Your presentation skills were right on target for the audience. Some participants were very knowledgeable about meditation and others weren't. You were great at addressing each level. I really enjoyed your workshop."
Karen Wright
"I've now attended three of Judith's workshops, and they are always helpful, tender and full of practical guidance to get me back on track. What I like best about them is that I sense and experience loving teaching."
Cathi Edward
Baton Rouge
"Excellent presentation--you are a great teacher! You need to make an audio guided meditation available to us."
Chris Guidroz
Baton Rouge
"Judith, your sincerity is very evident, and your instruction is clear and thoughtful and fact-based. I feel trust with you and your material (and this is often not the case with other speakers). THANK YOU!!"
Dianne Short
Virginia Beach
"I loved your guided meditation. You led me through relaxing, grounding, centering, expanding and creating. Thank you so much."
Courtney Davis
Artist, Virginia Beach
"I think Judith holds the key to unlocking the chamber that holds the soul and keeps it from being and creating the Christ Consciousness. Through her, we all now have the tools to create that same key."
Cecil Salyer
Virginia Beach
"You are a wonderfully soft and sensitive and interesting teacher. Your ideas were very clearly presented and were interesting, and so were your handouts. Excellent leader for group participation. Your harp music and singing were wonderful for meditation."
Walene James
Author, Virginia Beach
"I just lost my husband of 55 years and believe that meditation will help me fill the void. This is a whole new experience for me and I loved it!"
Agnes Titkemeyer
Baton Rouge
"Dear one: I found your workshop very interesting! Loved all the info. Only complaint is when is the next installment? You were great. (Signed) Devoted in the wings!"
Gwen Perry
Mystic, mom and youth leader
"As a teacher, Judy Pennington presents her material using a balanced mix of sharp intellect and well-grounded intuition. Her humor and spirituality provide a delightful spark to her workshops and her enthusiasm is inspirational!"
Melinda Walsh
Media personality, writer and workshop leader
"Your meditation seminar was wonderful. It was very informative, particularly for a person who didn't know about brainwave frequencies before. What was really great was its being backed up by real research. It gave me a whole lot to think about."
Yvonne Denkins, Ph.D.
Biomedical scientist, jazz pianist and singer
"It was a fabulous workshop. I really appreciated the brainwave forms--a handy way to conceptual different states of mind. I'm a geographer by trade, so the concept of form really resonated with me."
Charles Flanagan
Environmental geographer
Evaluation Comments
"This workshop was rewarding and wonderful. It helped me understand intuitive consciousness and its relevance in my life. Judith's explanations and way of putting it all together were excellent."
"Judith was warm, sensitive and open to everything--not rigid to a clock. I'd like to see this class offered in five or six sessions so we could develop these concepts in a group format. Let's have her back!"
"Judy was very well prepared, with plenty of handouts that saved us a lot of time. She's very generous with her knowledge and shows a lot of love."
"It was gratifying to see this information brought out. Thank you for sharing it. As one who has experienced this breakthrough, I'm glad to see it passed on to others!!! You are a lovely person!"
"You have a great way of explaining scientific information. Scientific proof is so exciting for what I know to be true. As always, I enjoyed your gifts. Thanks for sharing!"
"I learned some very practical, important facts and techniques. I enjoyed practicing the meditations."
"Your voice is very beautiful and a pleasure to listen to. I especially liked the guided meditations, which carried me into places of peace and serenity. I received information that will help me solve some significant problems in my life, and now I know how to return there to get help again. Thank you."
"Your workshop was fascinating, and I can see that I'll use this information in every aspect of my life. I already know who's in 'beta' and who's in 'alpha' frames of reference that make sense of a lot of human behavior that I didn't understand before. Thanks!"
"The class was excellent! Judy made it feel like we were in our living room with friends."
"I liked the openness of the instructor and the group participation. The information was essential and practical. Everything was perfect!"
What Unity Ministers Say
"Over the past several months we have been blessed with the opportunity to have Judith Pennington present several workshops and Sunday lessons at our church. Judith has been very well received by our membership, which looks forward to her return yet again...Judith has the beautiful ability to create an intimate and sacred setting, weaving in music and personal stories, and encouraging all participants to discover that which is beautiful within them. I highly recommend that you invite Judith to your own church so that your congregation can experience her warmth and love."
Joanne M. Rowden, spiritual leader
Unity in Edinboro, Pennsy-lvania
"I highly recommend Judy Pennington's presentations to your congregation. She was a member of my church in Baton Rouge and continued to attend very actively after I retired. She is very highly spiritual and loving, sensitive and intelligent, caring and compassionate. I am sure your people will benefit from her consciousness."
Retired Rev. Marjorie Kass
Founder, Church of the Open Road
& Unity Church
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"Judy Pennington's workshops on consciousness expansion through meditation merge science with spiritual principles and give participants a hologram of experience. Judy's loving nature satisfies the intellectual as well as the spiritual appetite of each participant. This experience is sure to enrich both your understanding and practice of meditation."
Rev. Judi Venturini
Unity of Lehigh Valley,
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
"I highly recommend Judy Pennington's workshops and speaking presentations. Her book, The Voice of the Soul, combines the science of the soul with the heart of love and is both intriguing and inspiring. In her talks and workshops, her research, combined with personal inquiries and experience, makes the information come alive with meaning for her audiences. Because she has worked with teens as well as adults, her presentations are appealing to people of all ages. The depth of her guided meditations and the ease of her speaking style were truly an inspiration to my congregation."
Rev. Jan Mahannah
Unity Church of Christianity,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
CD Reviews
"The quality of your CD is superb. The words and phrasing in the meditaitons are soothing, centering and inspiring. The toning can assist anyone to achieve their own personal harmonic convergence--especially the HU, sometimes referred to as the 'source' sound of all creation!"
Mark Stupka, founder
The Center for Natural Healing, Baton Rouge
"I really enjoyed The Illuminated Door. The guided meditations are easy to follow and result in a deep meditative state. I like the segmented format because I can choose how long I want to meditate or in what section I would like to do more work. I also enjoy the combination of Judy's soothing voice--the intermittent music and singing. It all provides the soul with a wonderful journey to peacefulness."
--Janet Brand, teacher
"I listen to your CD over and over again, usually just before bed, and it takes me to wonderful places. Of all my meditation CDs, yours is the best."
Karen G.
Whitehall, Pa.
"Judy's voice is that of a dear friend, leading me to a deep, still place. This CD has greatly enhanced my meditation practice. The gentle guiding and Judy's beautiful singing have allowed my meditation to go deeper. It has been hard for me to chant the Om by myself, but along with Judy's voice, I find I can do it very successfully."
Dianne Short, Virginia Beach
"When the stresses of daily life start wearing me down, I find it so relaxing and refreshing to give myself some time going within. Your CD provides the perfect imagery to help me escape, be still and listen!"
Deb Coscia,
project control engineer



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Eagle Life’s wide variety of dynamic lectures, workshops and retreats are tailored to groups of any size or composition and span these topics:
While spirituality is at the core of teacher Judith Pennington’s work, she honors other people’s belief and non-belief by adjusting her language and content as needed.

About the Presenter

A dynamic, effective teacher, Judith is known for her warmth, sensitivity, inclusiveness and ease in communicating complex ideas. Backing up principles with scientific findings, she draws from decades of personal experience, the wisdom of her soul, and 25 years of investigative research into body-mind healing, the psychodynamics of conflict, spiritual science and brain wave biofeedback research on meditation and the evolution of consciousness. Her soul-stirring meditations and improvisational singing, accompanied by the soothing harp sounds of her Celtic zither, bring listeners to deep, profound states of relaxation and awareness.

See our Calendar of Events page to sign up for an event near you or to request one in your area. E-mail us to order a free press kit or workshop brochure for your group or organization. Judith will tailor any lecture, workshop, retreat or teleclass to your special needs.
The Alchemy of Meditation
Currents of light flow through the bodymind during meditation, connecting us to the soul-self and its beautiful Light. These frequencies of light heal the body, unite our hearts and minds, and attune every atom and cell to a higher vibration. This talk on the awesome power of meditation to awaken and evolve human consciousness incorporates mystical wisdom and scientific findings on neuroplasticity and higher states with direct experience of this ancient art.
Awakening Your Mind with Brainwave Biofeedback
See an amazing map of the four layers of consciousness and learn how to develop the awakened, high-performance mind of creative, successful people. Simple mind calming techniques, coupled with guided meditations, expand participants into optimal states of awareness depicted in "real time" on a brainwave biofeedback device hooked up to the heads of volunteers. This experiential workshop – ranging from three hours to a full day, weekend or week – will teach you how to:  
• Reduce "mind chatter" and deepen you into lasting peace and calm
• Clear inner blocks to peak-performance states
• Produce creative insights into work challenges and relationships
• Enhance creativity and intuitive awareness
• Develop inner unity and the high-performance mind
Several volunteer participants will be hooked up to the Mind Mirror, one of only 15 EEG biofeedback devices in the world used to expand consciousness. During live demonstrations, you will see how multi-tasking and emotional stress create "broken points of consciousness" and, conversely, how meditation enhances cognition and creativity. More importantly, you will feel your own expansion of awareness in guided meditations that awaken and transform the brain/mind.

This workshop or retreat can be tailored to meet the needs of corporations, hospital wellness centers, psychotherapy groups, and human potential centers interested in creative, peak-performance states that improve health and well-being while increasing productivity and personal happiness.
Group Brainwave Trainings
Group brainwave trainings offer inner expansion in the synergistic company of like-minded people. This is the quickest and most affordable way for new and seasoned meditators to learn the art and science of meditation, deepen into profound states, awaken untapped potential, and expand into new ways of being in the world.

Weekend retreats open with a brainwave map showing the frequencies and patterns of four categories of consciousness (beta, alpha, theta and delta) and how to access deep-state meditation in order to awaken and evolve the mind.

Building on this foundation, a series of four guided meditations sequentially animate four brainwave categories for profound experiences of deep relaxation, self-discovery, healing and transformation. Each person's goal is to access a deep, stable meditation state and the clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and (potentially) spiritual awareness of the awakened, high-performance mind.

Participants hook each other up, sit back, and tap into an inner wellspring of creativity, insight and healing. Experiences are shared in pairs and with the larger group, so that each person also learns from everyone else.

Weekend retreats typically run from Friday night through early Sunday afternoon and are limited to nine people hooked up simultaneously for several mind-expanding meditations. Brainwave drawings and computer recordings are shared individually after meditations and in a private session toward the end of the retreat. In this closing session, Judith recommends how to continue the process of inner awakening.

When trainings are held in Judith's home, out-of-town participants are invited to stay onsite. Affordable hotels are nearby. Shared meals, breaks and good camaraderie make these weekend events fun and enjoyable.

Visit the Calendar page of to check for upcoming trainings, separated into three progressive sections. Or email Judith to schedule a training for your group.
The Light of Consciousness: Evolving Into Higher States
This multi-media presentation on meditation and the evolution of the mind includes a narrated show of visuals, a brainwave biofeedback map of the mind, and a series of musical meditations expanding into higher states of awareness.

Full-day or weekend retreats afford time for the latest advances in neuroplasticity and brain development, along with higher-state meditations leading participants beyond the awakened mind into the evolved-mind pattern found in seasoned meditators, energy healers, and other people who are spiritually aware.

Live demonstrations of volunteers hooked up to brainwave biofeedback devices bring a frequency "map of the mind" to life. Email Judith to inquire about having this workshop customized for your group.
The Light of the New Millennium: Awakening to Your Higher Self
This practical, profound retreat will show you how to step into your higher self – and stay there – for light-filled guidance into the best that you are and can be. Dynamic discussions, empowering exercises, a brainwave map of consciousness, mind-awakening meditations, and hypnotic progressions help people shed old patterns, raise consciousness, and shift into the infinite awareness of the spirit. When offered as a weekend retreat, this presentation consists of five components:

* This Wacky New Millennium addresses the predictions and theories about what's up on Planet Earth, with particular regard to 2012, and rises above them with refreshing perspectives and transformative techniques that help people relax and create solutions.

* The Light of Consciousness, see above, includes a show of narrated visuals including a brainwave map of the mind and guided meditations geared to self-knowledge and inner transformation.

* Awakening to Your Higher Self includes a pivotal self-test, a self-discovery meditation, and a hypnotic regression/progression that puts people in touch with the deeper, core self and their best directions in life.

* The I of the Storm focuses on peaceful conflict resolution and how to embrace more peaceful ways of living. (See full description: Healing & Transformation category.)

* Surfing the Waves of Change deepens people into creative states for insight into personal and planetary issues and ends with Universal Dances of Peace that bring the group together in community.

This weekend retreat incorporates a number of techniques that minimize emotional issues and give people mastery over their minds and lives. Email Judith about customizing this presentation for your group.
Music As the Bridge
Edgar Cayce said that music is the bridge to conscious awareness, self-healing, celestial attunement and the Creative Forces. In this musical workshop, arising out Shirley Winston Rabb's book by this name, you will experience the profound power of music to awaken and evolve your awareness.

Enjoy a show of narrated visuals on the light and sound of music, see a brainwave map of frequencies showing how the mind expands, and experience your awareness rising into higher states with chanting and toning, heartful singing, a chakra sound meditation, guided self-discovery meditations, and gentle, contemplative dance (sit and sway if you like).

Bring any kind of musical instrument – drums, shakers, spoons, or a bundt pan and mallet – to create a resonant wave of sound flowing to and from the Divine Harmonic.

No musical experience necessary! You will find the keynote of your soul and afterward sing your life into greater health, harmony and wholeness.
Practical Meditation
Control stress, sharpen your thinking, tap into creative insights and enhance your quality of life by mastering your brainwaves and entering the silence. Easy meditation tools and techniques, guided visualizations and an amazing navigational blueprint of consciousness will transport you into the awakened, evolved high-performance mind of mastery and fulfillment.

  You will learn exactly what meditation is, how it works and how to do it. This class integrates the art and science of meditation with a series of highly useful techniques to calm and quiet the busy, thinking mind and enter a peaceful, balanced state of consciousness.

  Whether you are a new or seasoned meditator, the “map of the mind” presented in this class will show you how to navigate and control the depth and quality of your meditations and your life. By remembering the “felt” sense of state accessed during these guided meditations, you will be able to return to these relaxed, higher perspectives and greater health in body, mind and spirit.  
Dream Interpretation
While dreaming at night, we tap into a rich, pure river of imagery containing key messages from the spirit about how to heal and renew every aspect of our lives. This fun and useful workshop enables you to:  
• Awaken to your dreams by understanding what they really are
• Learn how to enhance your dream and improve your recall
• Interpret dreams in ordinary and higher states of consciousness
• Strengthen your connection with your soul and its guidance by Spirit.
Don’t let your dreams float into oblivion! Use them to solve everyday problems in life and to discover your unique destiny. Bring a few dreams along–and watch them come true!
The Languages of Soul (And How to Speak Them)
The soul, or spirit, communicates with its personality in many different ways and extends the five senses beyond ordinary limits into the multisensory perception of the psychic. This experiential workshop visits all of the soul's diverse languages – dreams, visions and voices, intuition, inspired writing, and sychronicity in people and events – and uses guided imagery and sensualization exercises to help you identify and enhance those you speak best.

You will learn how to develop your secondary languages, distinguish self-talk from intuition, and interpret visions, symbols and dreams.

In this fun, upbeat workshop, you will also:
• Identify how and when your intuition works best, according to scientific research
• Link your characteristic sensory preferences to your perceptions of the world, to better understand yourself and others
• Explore dreams and dream interpretation
• Pair up with others to give and receive intuitive readings
• Gain valuable life skills that will draw you into your highest and best
• Deepen your connection to the peace and wisdom of your gentle, loving soul.
While this workshop can be introduced in three hours' time, a full day or weekend presentation gives participants time to integrate and experience these principles and practices.
Practical Enlightenment
This lively, life-enhancing class is a journey into the peace, joy and oneness of personal and spiritual mastery. The laws of nature, the path of the master, and the psychospiritual tools of success are shared in group discussion, workbook exercises and guided meditations.

You will open to your inner wisdom, discover who you came here to be, create a personal mission statement and learn to live a peaceful, harmonious life of abundance, grace and ease. This class is appropriate for beginners and is an excellent follow-up to Practical Meditation and Practical Intuition.
Practical Intuition
The “sixth sense” of intuition exists in the limitless expanse of the mind and is easily tapped by artists, housewives, students and business people seeking insights and creative solutions. In this experiential class, you will learn how to clear your mind, animate your senses, sharpen your perceptual powers and cross into the world of intuition to enhance every aspect of your life.  

This class includes board illustrations of how to open the mind and tap into non-ordinary states of knowing. Remote viewing evidence proves how and when this natural intuitive gift works best. Guided imagery helps each person identify their primary organs of perception, and a self-administered questionnaire links these preferences with recognizable personality traits that enable us to better understand ourselves and others.

Lastly, and most importantly, participants directly experience their intuitive gifts in a fascinating series of exercises including some or all of the following: guided visualizations, remote viewing, dream interpretation, psychometry and paired “readings” of one another.  

This fun, upbeat class teaches a practical skill to be used in every aspect of life. It also addresses important factors – from diet to self-awareness – that enable us to derive the most benefit from intuitive awareness. Liberal handouts continue the teaching process with intuition-building techniques.
Remote Viewing: Beyond Time and Space
This exciting, experiential workshop proves your intuitive ability to reach through time and space for information on your past, present and future. We will discuss the expansion of the mind into transcendent states of consciousness, as you experience these states through ever-deepening guided meditations, a past life regression and a progression, or remote viewing, into your future.

  Next, you will learn the essential facts about the "science of the psychic," discovered through 30 years of disciplined research on remote viewing, so that you can derive accurate, dependable insights and information for yourself and others. You will test this accuracy as a group, while doing two remote viewing exercises, and individually, as you pair up with partners to give and be given intuitive readings focused on your past and future.  

By the end of this class, you will be able to tap into intuitive states to gather the most important and useful knowledge from Universal Mind, or the Quantum Field of Consciousness.   This fascinating research and your direct, personal experience of inner guidance will help you move toward healing, enlightenment and a more joyful, prosperous life – here and beyond time and space.
Writing the Voice of Your Soul
Learning to set aside the busy, thinking mind to commune with universal awareness is one of the most inspiring and informative experiences in life.

We move beyond thought and listen deeply, growing quieter and more lucid as we are lifted into higher planes of awareness and receiving. The energy exchange uplifts and transforms us, as does the wise counsel that we write down as it comes clear.

Hearing the comfort, assurance and higher perspectives of the soul, or spirit, and then following its guidance sharpens the mind, clears blocks in consciousness, and awakens us to our true purpose and destiny.

In this experiential, technique-driven workshop on meditative, or inspired, writing you will:  
• Learn when and how best to do inspired writing
• Steadily move into deeper levels of consciousness through intuition-strengthening exercises and musical guided meditations
• Tap into the infinite wisdom of your spirit
• Gain personal guidance on anything
• Master a spiritual skill flowing lyrical guidance into every aspect of your life
The Heart of Love
This heart-opening celebration of art, music, meditation, journaling and group interaction takes us to the mirror of truth to pull away the veils of illusion and reveal the pure, perfect light that we really are. In this life-enhancing workshop on self-love, you will accept and appreciate your core self by experiencing the truth of you: a brilliant spark of Light with infinite wisdom, compassion and love.

This enjoyable and highly experiential workshop, based on self-discovery exercises and group discussion, will help you transmute destructive beliefs, embrace positive living and discover your soul's mission and purpose. Expect to laugh, love and lighten up!
The “I” of the Storm: Resolving Conflict, Embracing Peace
Conflict is a source of great pain and chaos in our lives and throughout the world, but it need not be. There are ways to step out of the storms of conflict into mutual respect, understanding, cooperation and partnership. This dynamic workshop teaches:
• The 4 winds of conflict and how to disengage from them
• The beliefs and expectations that create conflict
• How to be more peaceful at work and home
• How to listen to your deeper self, colleagues and loved ones
• Powerful ways to untangle old and new sources of conflict
• How to see conflict as a teacher and friend.
This interactive workshop, based on the work of Unity peacemaker Gary Simmons, Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hahn and facilitator Judith Pennington’s life experience, offers mindfulness and calming techniques, exciting new insights on who you came here to be, and profound perspectives on how to get along with others. It will help you make better choices and live a healthier, happier life.
Letting Go of the Past, Weaving a Joyous Future
Out of the fabric of the past emerge the thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that shape our patterns of behavior and weave the tapestry of our tomorrows. Pain, loss and sadness, held in the body-mind as tangled energy, block the Light waiting to flow in and through us.

In this workshop, we gently return to the past (as the neutral witness in the subconscious) to empty the ego's resentment and sorrow, and free the heart to open fully in the present. This process reunites our aspects in the proper balance: intellect serving heart, heart serving soul, and soul serving Love.

Creative self-discovery with art and writing, group interaction, guided meditations and a powerful healing circle help us discard outworn baggage, anticipate the goodness in all of life, and continue our journeys in health, wholeness and the blissful joy of freedom.
Music As the Bridge
Edgar Cayce said that music is the bridge to conscious awareness, self-healing, celestial attunement and the Creative Forces. In this musical workshop, arising out Shirley Winston Rabb's book by this name, you will experience the profound power of music to heal and transform your body, mind and spirit, while awakening and evolving your awareness.

Enjoy a show of narrated visuals on the light and sound of music, see a brainwave map of frequencies showing how the mind expands, and experience your awareness rising into higher states with chanting and toning, heartful singing, a chakra sound meditation, guided self-discovery meditations, and gentle, contemplative dance (sit and sway if you like).

Bring any kind of musical instrument – drums, shakers, spoons, or a bundt pan and mallet – to create a resonant wave of sound flowing to and from the Divine Harmonic.

No musical experience necessary! You will find the keynote of your soul and afterward sing your life into greater health, harmony and wholeness.
Surfing the Waves of Change
This is the time we've been waiting for: a cosmic spiritual awakening that is raising the Earth and her people into higher frequencies of Light. This practical, profound seminar, based on modern science and ancient wisdom, will show you how to surf the waves of change and step into your higher self for light-filled guidance through these turbulent times into your role – if you wish – as a planetary healer and guide.

Celebrate the shift and surf the Light Fantastic. In this workshop or retreat, you will:

* Discuss the shift in consciousness now underway
* See how the self, nature, the Earth and the cosmos are connected
* Tap into deep inner peace, tranquility and inner guidance
* Awaken your mind with higher-state meditations
* Learn what your spirit wants you to know
* Understand the true nature of your soul
* See your past and future through hypnosis
* Evolve yourself and others with distance healing

See The Light of the New Millennium, under Meditation & Mind Expansion, for related components. Email us to customize this presentation to your needs.
Ancient Alchemy: The Secrets of Healing and Transformation
The ancient Essenes and their progeny, the Gnostics, preserved the mystical wisdom of all spiritual traditions. This workshop shares these teachings from the remote ages of antiquity and demonstrates, through brainwave biofeedback and meditation, the modern science which proves them. To study and practice these teachings is to reawaken within the heart an intuitive knowledge, understanding and mastery that can solve personal challenges and the problems of the world.  
The Bridge to Healing
Millions of people the world over feel a gnawing hunger for something, but do not know what it is. This talk centers on self-love as the bridge across the yawning chasm of guilt and shame to a light-filled realm of love, freedom and spiritual unfoldment. The Bridge is especially helpful to people who are alone, isolated and addicted, and those who feel lost, lonely and at odds with themselves and life. Here is a crisis-breaker and a way out of despair into hope. Judith's powerful guided meditations help expose and remove obstructions to self-love, health and happiness.  
Conversations with Soul
In this fun, upbeat follow-up to "The Languages of Soul" (see below), participants enjoy guided meditations and experiential exercises that open the conscious mind to the wise, kindly guidance of the soul and Universal Mind. Scientific studies, guided meditations and exercises in psychometry, paired readings, dreamwork and remote viewing all help to sharpen the intuitive senses for self-discovery and enhanced spiritual growth.  
The Languages of Soul (And How to Speak Them)
This highly experiential workshop is about the diverse intuitive "languages" used by the soul to communicate with personality. How do we speak these languages? In this unique class, based on scientific studies and direct experience, participants learn the laws of nature governing soul communication and how to expand beyond the ordinary five senses into the multisensory realm of psychic (soul) intuition.

Self-tests, guided meditations and group discussion help identify and enhance each person's primary and secondary intuitive languages. The object of this first psychic development class is to open the conscious mind to deeper sources of self-knowledge and to the wisdom and guidance of Universal Mind.  
The Real Jesus
In the 1960s and '70s, we saw him as a superstar peace activist with long hair. Global spiritual communities are now revisiting the notion of Jesus Christ as the only son of God. In fact, many people and a few religions are exploring the mystical roots of early Christianity: in particular, the promise of the "kingdom of God within" and the belief that the gifts of the Spirit are inherent and available to everyone.

In this interactive workshop you will explore your own thoughts and feelings, and learn how new thought about Jesus' true message is effecting a global paradigm shift and everyone's lives.  
Reclaiming Your Heart and Soul
It's amazing how we're taught at an early age to follow the dictates of others and we continue to do so for the rest of our lives! How do we get in touch with what we feel and need so deep inside? Why should we bother to do so? How can you tell the difference between intuition and imagination? How can your own dreams become a trusted personal teacher? In this wide-ranging, interactive workshop, you will learn to walk (in your own shoes) to the drum of your own heartbeat and in perfect harmony with the wisdom and healing energies of Mother Earth.
The Voice of the Soul
Back in 1987, Judith's meditative writings put her in touch with this kind, loving "voice," and it still guides her life on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom, your built-in teacher and guide, through insights, intuition, inner knowing, dreams, waking visions, meditative art and writing, synchronistic coincidences, and self-knowledge mirrored in other people; all of these are the language of your Soul working in service to God.

Attunement to the voice of your soul opens your body and mind to the gifts of the spirit promised by Jesus and other spiritual masters throughout time. In this lecture, workshop or retreat you will find that there's nothing mysterious or unknowable about soul guidance; rather, it is a God-given gift dating back to the beginning of human time.

Let this amazing presentation, a combination of science and spirituality, deepen your connection to self and God. See Consciousness Development to expand this presentation into its experiential component, Writing the Voice of Your Soul.
This series of courses is a journey into ancient wisdom, modern science and thought-provoking philosophies and exercises that deepen self-understanding and foster self-actualization and its spiritual expansion, self-transcendence. Each class has an accompanying workbook and a CD of guided meditations.

Held in person with Judith or through teleclasses, this course sets out the path to personal happiness and enlightened mastery amidst the transformative synergy of like-minded people.

Email Judith to inquire about putting together a course or online series of classes.
The Foundation
Meditation and the Science of the Soul:
How to Awaken Your Mind and Evolve Your Life
Surprisingly few people have seen the amazing “map of the mind” that so clearly illustrates the pathway to higher consciousness. It begins with meditation’s expansion of the heart and mind into unitive states of transcendence; here is the awakened and evolved mind that expands our psychic senses and attunes us to the guidance of the wise, kindly soul. This exciting introduction to the Pathways series is essential to any comprehensive study of the body, mind and spirit.  
Meditation and the Science of the Soul:
How to Awaken Your Mind and Evolve Your Life
The practice of meditation reduces stress and tension, sharpens the intellect, enhances creativity and intuition, promotes healing, and is the pathway to soul unfoldment. Special attention is given to techniques such as rituals, prayers, breathing, chanting, toning and the use of guided visualizations for self-healing and transformation.
The Pathway
Part I. Sailing into the Sea of Spirit:
Navigational Tools for Your Journey
In this journey into life mastery, inner peace and transcendence, you explore earthly and spiritual concepts, get your bearings and chart a practical course through life's everyday challenges. Your navigational tools include clear maps to mastery and enlightenment, self-love and courage, realization of your soul qualities, finding and navigating with a guiding ideal, identification of your gifts, talents and lifework, and development of a personal mission statement.
Part II. Walking in Light, Singing Your Soul Song
The journey of mastery now winds into the territory of the deeper mind. Here you will acquire the guiding principles of universal laws and look into these mirrors to see and fully apprehend your beliefs about yourself, others and the nature of reality. You will release old baggage and shift from story-based to intentional reality, along the way learning to manifest the life of your dreams.
Part III. Climbing the Mount of Consciousness: Ascension and Manifestation
In this final series of classes, you will integrate your body, mind and heart into a coherent awareness of self as Soul co-creating with Universal Mind. You will work with the subtle frequencies of light, the body's energy system, psychic intuition, dreams, inspired writing, signs, symbols, and healing prayer to manifest your reality and expand into the multisensory awareness of transpersonal consciousness.
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