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Explore meditation and the mind-expanding brainwaves of hypnosis, healing and personal transformation on this unique and highly comprehensive website. The history and development of biofeedback-led meditation, along with brainwave drawings and a 9-minute video, present the science of consciousness underlying the work of Judith Pennington and Eagle Life Communications.
A wealth of fascinating information on the work of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), America's most famous psychic and father of holistic healing. Learn how the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach makes the healing principles and modalities in Cayce's 14,000 transcribed readings available to the world. Of special interest are worldwide study groups, the Reilly School of Massage, a Health & Rejuvenation Research Center, Atlantic University, the vast metaphysical A.R.E. Library, research projects in which you can participate, and the many benefits of membership, including subscription to an outstanding monthly magazine, Venture Inward.
Meet the extraordinary James Twyman, formerly a priest and now an author and peace troubadour gathering one million prayers to help bring about peace in the Middle East. James is author and composer of several acclaimed books and CDs, and he sponsors The Cloth of Many Colors Project (, a tangible way for everyone to contribute to world peace. Participants, whether individuals or groups, sew together swatches of colored fabric and create many-colored quilts. These are wrapped around buildings to make a statement, or they join quilts being gathered from around the world to be presented to the United Nations. It takes only one-tenth of one percent, roughly 5 million people, says Twyman, to change the world for the better. You can be one of them.
Located on Scotland's northeast coast next to the picturesque town of Findhorn on Findhorn Bay, this nature-based spiritual intentional community has been uplifting the human spirit and Mother Earth since 1962. The Findhorn Foundation is dedicated to spiritual and holistic education, conservation and sustainable development. Learn about Findhorn's Global Eco-Village Network, Trees for Life, holistic care programs, distance education courses, and the community's status with the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation. Travel to Cluny Hill College for conferences, week-long workshops and unforgettable experiences with the wonderful people living in this international community.
Devoted to heart-based living, The HeartMath Institute offers in-depth scientific research, stress-reduction techniques and affordable wellness tools that provide the clarity and inner expansion resulting from heart-brain coherence. HeartMath also originated the Global Coherence Initiative, a network of thousands of calm, centered people who send out healing peace waves on-call to enhance global coherence. To monitor this effect, HeartMath created the pioneering Global Coherence Monitoring System to measure the interaction between human consciousness and the earth's magnetic field via field magnetometers placed in strategic locations across the planet. Building on the psychophysiology of peace, HeartMath is bringing about an inner shift in human consciousness.
This unique organization is curbing world hunger by purchasing farm animals (from heifers and goats to ducks and llamas) for poor families across the world, including the United States. Recipient families are taught the proper care and feeding of each animal and in turn agree to give an offspring of it to another poor family in the same community. Donations go a long way to help desperate families sustain themselves and in a sensible, dignified manner that honors us all.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is a nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. Founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who experienced universal awareness on his return trip from the moon, IONS maintains a commitment to scientific rigor while exploring consciousness and its practical applications for education, health care, and a more sustainable world. The group's leading-edge scientific research, its Shift in Action program, Transformative Learning Workshops, and annual conferences are building bridges in consciousness and ushering people across them into global transformation.
This foundation is connecting leading neuroscientists and biomedical researchers with the exiled Dalai Lama of Tibet and his expert Buddhist meditators in order to study the effects of meditation on the brain, consciousness and psychophysiology for the betterment of humanity. The steady stream of research, books and videos emerging from The Mind & Life Institute is influential and far-reaching in the areas of meditation, stress reduction, mental and physical illness, destructive emotions, and the brain states of higher consciousness. The dialogue between science and Buddhism is rapidly revolutionizing institutions across the planet, from schools and hospitals to the boardrooms of major corporations.
This website is a leading information source on the Mind Mirror, an EEG biofeedback instrument invented in the mid-1970s by British electronics pioneers C. Maxwell Cade and Geoffrey Blundell. It traces the genesis of the Mind Mirror and how instrument-led meditation trains brainwaves to advance consciousness. Several links tell the stories of people involved in this pioneering work on the awakening of human consciousness. (See for related information.)
Published by Eagle Life Communications, OneWorld Spirit is a free online magazine edited by Judith Pennington and written and illustrated by contributors. Devoted to art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and global peace, this internationally read ezine addresses the most challenging questions of the day to evoke deep listening for creative service to all sentient beings, our planet and the universe. OneWorld's mission is to foster global dialogue and oneness. Readers are invited to submit art, writing and letters for review and possible inclusion. Subscribe to receive notification of each new issue.
A Place of Light, located near Worcester, Mass., is a safe haven of hope, joy and education for intuitive children and their families. If you have an Indigo, Crystal or Star child with heightened abilities and/or challenges, here is a place of light for you. Co-founded by writer and educator Susan Gale, this beautiful facility, situated on a half acre of wooded land, is shining like a beacon out across the Northeast with the trend-setting “Making Connections to Shape Our Spiritual Visions” conferences: first in Auburn, Mass., on May 21; and secondly, in Wyndham, New York, on Aug. 13. For information on these conferences with Sonia Choquette and other speakers, visit
This excellent online magazine, the world’s largest and most popular, features articles and interviews on human empowerment and New Age issues and ideas. PlanetLightworker’s sister publication, Children of the New Earth (, is an equally superb online magazine and also an international print magazine dedicated to the care and nurturing of Indigo, Crystal and Star children. CNE’s probing, in-depth articles are a vital source of information for every parent. Tell editor/publisher Sandie Sedgebeer that we sent you.
Challenging, provocative, insightful and entertaining, TED presents talks by compelling speakers on topics ranging from the brain, consciousness and near-death experiences to mathematical views of the universe, and science as a moral choice over religion. These addresses on the great questions of our day remind us to look beyond personal boundaries and to incessantly question our answers.
This is an easy way to feed hungry people. Just dial up this site and click on the icon giving a cup of food to a hungry family. Website sponsors foot the bill. You can do this once a day for all time. More than a million children die of starvation and hunger-related diseases each year. This helps.
Written by Judith Pennington and published periodically by Eagle Life Communications, this free online newsletter is exclusively focused on accessing the still, small voice, or higher mind of the soul, for everyday guidance and higher perspectives on life. See the Archives for downloadable columns and articles on meditation and mind expansion through dreams, intuition, inspired writing and synchronicity, along with interviews of psychics, physicians, biofeedback researchers and energy healers, among others. Features typically include inspiring passages from Judith's meditative writings and tips, tools and techniques for a happier, more prosperous life. Subscribe to receive notification of each new issue.
Chant with Tom Kenyon or meditate in an online sanctuary created by this organization of global peace-seekers. Here you'll also find archival footage of talks and concerts by some of the world's greatest spiritual teachers, artists, writers and musicians--from James Twyman, above, and Greg Braden, to Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Link up with the Sunday Earth Pulse, a simultaneous global meditation, and join up (for free or a donation) to be notified about WorldPuja's live broadcasts.
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