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Awakened Mind Workshops

Judith Pennington has presented Anna Wise’s
"map of the mind" in coast-to-coast meditation
and consciousness workshops
since 2001.

To schedule an Awakened Mind workshop or private session, contact us by e-mail
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These workshops are tailored to the
specific needs of groups and organizations.

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We go within the temple of the body-mind to meet the voice of truth, the soul self that is our finest teacher and most loving friend.

In this calm, peaceful silence are our dreams of life and the means of making them come true. Step by step in this adventure in consciousness, we master our emotions, illuminate our minds, heal our bodies and evolve into the self-actualized beings that we wish to be.

It is a journey walked alone, in the silence and its attunement to the divine within us and all things.

Even in the darkest moments of our lives
this inner light guides us, like a lantern,
onto a path leading up the mountain of
wisdom and higher consciousness.

The climb up the mountain path may be rugged
but with each step our perceptions widen and we see
the beauty and truth in us and in all that is.

While exploring this higher road, allow your body and mind to relax into these words and images and we will take a brief journey.

Remember a time of great happiness, peace and joy in your life. Now hold these memories and feelings in mind for just a few moments. Notice how your heart opens and your body relaxes.

If you choose to do so, you can live in this consciousness more of the time and take a higher road through life, one that begins with inner peace and leads to joy and perfect freedom. You can step onto the path of peace during meditation, while enjoying nature's beauty, and in doing what you love to do.

When we are calm and clear, we respond to the world with the centeredness and balance of our natural, core state. By remembering how this state of mind feels, we can return to it at any time.

In this peacefulness lies our ability to access infinite wisdom. With the benefit of the soul's universal awareness, which many call the spirit and some call higher mind, we make wise choices based on our personal and collective good. We become more aware and conscious of what is best for us and others.

Becoming more aware and seeking our highest good draws us into attunement with our inborn desire for wholeness. We discover more elegant ways to express and live our lives. When we are ready to do so, we walk away from addictions which ease our emptiness and sustain us temporarily, but never fill us up or allow us to stand on our own.

Free of stress, distraction and fear, we fill with gratitude and open up to an energetic force that loves us more than anything else. Its radiant light magnifies the soul's finest qualities. These blossom into our life work: a destined path of service to self and others. Shifting from ego-based reality to intentional living, we let go of old patterns and consciously replace them with spiritual ideals and expectations.

Walking up the mountain of consciousness, we stumble over rocks and pebbles and at times feel as if we have lost our way. Yet as we climb, determined to proceed, the rising perspective expands our horizons and we see more clearly. It becomes easier to leave behind what hurts us to pursue what makes us finer.

Each step up the mountain path expands our understanding, acceptance and tolerance of the slow and gradual – but certain – evolution of consciousness. We surmount complex challenges with growing ease, making wise, sensible choices that benefit us and everyone else.

With faith in life's ultimate goodness, we surrender to the greater good and abandon our fruitless attempts to control the people and events in our lives. We turn inward and master ourselves. The outer world changes accordingly.

Right away and over time, radiant light fills our lives and we begin to blossom. Our gifts and talents converge and our unique paths of destiny spin themselves out before us. We are home in a joyful world of our own making. It is created by and through love, the fabric of the universe.

In this new millennium, quantum physics is proving what mystics and prophets have always known to be true: that there is a Creative Force in this universe which, out of love, enables us to freely express our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes in any way we see fit.

Our thoughts, as deeds, become "crimes or miracles," as Edgar Cayce, the great psychic and holistic healer, explained nearly a century ago. It is up to us to choose the low road or the high road. We make conscious choices, knowing that deep, lasting lessons come out of personal choice and our experiential paths of discovery, and not fear or coercion by external forces.

In this new age of enlightenment, ancient myths and superstition are losing power and disappearing into the pages of history.

We are beginning to see that there is only one Creative Force, and it doesn't matter whether we call it Universal Mind, Allah, God, Jehovah, Spirit or the Quantum Field of Consciousness. What matters is that we argue no more about its name and nature and that we leave each other free to discover this Force in whatever time and way each of us wishes to do so.

Spirit does not judge us, nor is it to be feared. It is the law of love, healing and growth that we see in the laughter of a newborn, the rhythms of the skies and seasons, and the cyclical shift from the darkness of the past to the glorious dawn of the present.

Reaching the mountaintop, we step out as the healers and teachers the world is waiting for. Filled with Light, we emanate love and light that uplift this planet and dimensions above and below it. All are lifted together.

Now we are ready to fly. The long ascent has prepared us. The eagle, lifting its powerful wings, leaps off the mountain into upwardly moving currents of air. Soaring into blue skies, we rejoice in the musical light and sound flowing in the ethers. There is nothing but light. Everything is light searching for more light.

What we see is merely a shadow of what waits above. The brilliance calls us, and we fly higher and higher, following the currents of joy in our hearts as we soar into the pure, perfect light of the Soul.

In harmony with earth's land, sea and air, rising toward the white dove of spirit, the eagle cries out in triumph, soars and embraces All That Is.

"Reverie," the title of the meditation music composed for The Sanctuary, is the creation of instrumentalist Karen Toole.

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