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Book Reviews & Reader Feedback
"The Voice of the Soul is the luminous, lyrical expression of a genuine spiritual pilgrim. Judith Pennington's insights continually refresh and inspire us. They are a reminder that the spiritual side of life makes life worth living."
Larry Dossey, M.D.
Pioneer in Holistic Healing
Author of "Healing Beyond the Body,"
"Reinventing Medicine," & "Healing Words"
"Judith Pennington’s ‘The Voice of the Soul’ is a masterful recounting of one person’s spiritual awakening and evolution. Like Walsch in ‘Conversations with God,’ Pennington has tapped into the higher power with monumental grace and intelligence. She has transcribed and made understandable the voice of the soul in a lyrical, joyfully seductive language that is instantly recognizable to anyone who genuinely seeks understanding of what truly lies within each of us. Like Fritjof Capra in ‘The Tao of Physics,’ but in a different context, Pennington provides compelling evidence that the presumably ephemeral 'soul' may well be credibly explained through the language of modern physics. But unlike anything else you’ve ever read, this book can help lead you to your own truth. And that is the highest and best purpose to which any work can aspire."
Christian Allman
Author of "The Life of Christ in the 21st Century,"
Publisher of the on-line literary music magazine,
"The Face of New Orleans"
"Judith's book describes in a beautiful and moving manner the personal spiritual experience of one dedicated seeker of the Divine that is within and all around us."
Barbara Brennan
Internationally Known Spiritual Leader
Founder, Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Best-selling author, "Hands of Light"
and "Light Emerging"
"A heartwarming journey of awakening, this book is an intriguing account of how the soul guides the personality to experience fulfillment with the deepest self–the God-self. There is profound simplicity and bare honesty to Judith’s mystical adventure that invites us to ponder our own path to greater self-awareness... Judith’s dance with the divine is a daring and pioneering template for healing and renewal."
Keith Varnum
International Workshop Leader
Author of "Inner Coach, Outer Power"
"...packed with gems of wisdom and enlightening ideas..."
Venture Inward Magazine
"This is a book you should run, not walk, to read...If you have time to read only one book, let it be 'The Voice of the Soul.' Judith Pennington, who also gives us the companion CD of guided meditations, 'The Illuminated Door,' has written an inspiring pathway to the wisdom and love waiting to be heard within all of us!"
Richard Fuller Metaphysical Reviews
"Like an eagle soaring higher and higher, expertly utilizing currents of air, you will enjoy a dramatic and transformational adventure in this book. Go with Judith on illuminating trips to Medjugorje, Findhorn and the isle of Iona...This is exceptional help for becoming aware of and understanding your Soul’s voice within, ‘a whisper that never fails you and never falters.’ The author reveals new perspectives on how thought and experience resonance ‘splits into harmonic tones of the musical scale.’ Noteworthy word harmonics for enhanced spiritual growth, reality creation, and fulfillment."
Bernie P. Nelson
Senior Editor
Mindquest and Lightword Publishing
"...beautiful, profound writings that awaken and guide readers to the wisdom of their own souls. An unforgettable, life-changing read!"
Leading Edge Review
"The ultimate fear factor is that we are unloved and unlovable. Judith explodes this myth and reveals the intrinsic and extrinsic beauty of a loving God who reaches for us with an outstretched hand and invites us to dance. Like a skilled musician, she finds just the right notes from science, metaphysical principles and her own life story to sound a musical chord--a vibration--that resonates with faith, hope and love...In her struggle, we recognize our own dance. Whether we are dancing in joy and hope, in faith and assurance, or in the slow steps of anguish and doubt, God is a partner who waits patiently for us to hear the voice of the soul."
Cassandra Fedrick
Editor and Publisher
Iris Magazine, Baton Rouge
"Out of her own personal challenges, Judith Pennington has written a guide for the spiritually perplexed. Beneath the tragedies of life, there is a movement of grace that gives us insights, guidance, and healing when we most need it. Ms. Pennington's book is a wonderful resource for those who are struggling to find divine guidance in their lives. Her book reminds us that even in the darkness, Divine light shines and that God will make a way when we cannot see one lying ahead of us."
Dr. Bruce Epperly
U.C.C. minister and author of
"Mending the World: Spiritual Hope for Ourselves and Our
Planet" and "God's Touch: Faith, Wholeness, and the
Healing Miracles of Jesus"
"I read your story and found it compelling. I loved how you shared from your vulnerability, took the reader through the drama of your life and showed how Spirit is always waiting to express through us if we are awake and listening."
Rev. Pat Bessey
Unity Church of Virginia Beach
"I just loved your book. It’s such a forthright and honest journey. It shows people that no matter what their journey is, it’s no use holding on to the past. I think it very clearly says that and how, through all our difficulties, we have a guiding North Star pulling us toward the spiritual horizon–and that we all have one! Your book really takes people out of ideas of unworthiness and religious damnation to the essence of what is."
Mark Stupka,owner
The Center for Natural Healing, Baton Rouge
"I’m about halfway through your book and it’s probably the best book I’ve read in years. Seriously. A truly life-changing book. It is so wonderful to read about a journey so similar to my own. I’m devouring your book like I’ve been in the desert for days and have only just found water to drink. You have written the most marvelous work! Thank you for it. It is just what I needed at just the right time."
Katharine C. Giovanni
"Reading 'The Voice of the Soul' opened the door to God for me: it helped me feel the beauty and love of God, where before I saw only blame and desolation. It helped me see beyond myself to the God inside me and put me on a path that is filled with faith and hope."
Jody Dreher
College Student and Daughter
"During the time I read your book, I was going through a challenging few weeks with my family and was amazed by the synchronicity between your book and my life. When I was feeling conflict with one person, the writings would speak of forgiveness. Each day, my support came from this book and, as my heart opened, its teachings were very clear to me. Now, after reading it from cover to cover, I just flip to a page for guidance. Always, I find peace."
Heather Provenza
Yoga instructor, seeker of truth
"A friend of mine bought your book, and when she came over on a Sunday night told me she had been reading it all afternoon and couldn’t put it down. I bought a copy on Monday morning and feel the same way. It is a wonderful book. It helped me so much, since my family is going through some of the same trials. I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful, helpful book so that we may all benefit from the wisdom you have gathered...Please let me know when your next book is published."
Nina Daye
"What a wonderful book. Thanks so much for writing it. It was the perfect mixture of science and spirituality that I so desperately wanted. It certainly filled a void for my path. I realize how much courage it took to write it, so let me congratulate you and say thanks for giving the world such a gift. May you be filled with clarity and inspiration on the publication of your second and third books."
Bert Fife Entrepreneur
Marketing consultant
"The 'writings' are beautiful messages of love, patience and peace...All in all, this is a beautiful experience with a message of hope, and the open-mindedness with which it is written has given me answers that I can hold dear and pass on. Thank you, Ms. Pennington, from the bottom of my heart."
Rita Malone, respiratory therapist
Poet and writer for
"In The Voice of the Soul, Judith Pennington invites the reader to travel with her through her struggles and challenges as she awakens to her spiritual self. Her language is so clear and vivid, the reader is made to feel a partner with her on her arduous journey to awareness.

Don't be surprised if, no matter your religion or spiritual background, the meditative writings reinforce what you know, affirm what you believe, validate what you suspect and answer many of your questions about the nature of the Divine.

The format of the book is truly unique, unlike any book to the left of it or right of it on the bookstore shelf."

Jeanie Barnett
Singer, wife and mother
"The other day I was in a spiritually ‘down’ place. I went outside and opened up your book. The page I opened to was just what I needed. It spoke to me. God spoke to me through this book."
Tina McFadden
Psych technician, Red River Treatment Center
"My sister gave me a copy of your book just before you moved to Pennsylvania. It is wonderful and has meant a lot to me personally for several reasons. Recently, a spiritual teacher told me about another special book and said that when I had a concern I could open this book at random and the passage would address my concern. I have found the same thing to be true of the last section of your book. I feel myself drawn to it (often when I am struggling), and the text speaks to my feelings so directly that it is astounding. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you before you moved. I am sure that I would have enjoyed talking to you."
Laura Gaddy East
Schoolteacher, instruction specialist
"Your book really held my interest. It’s an adjunct, a companion, to my own spiritual journey and growth. I loved your honesty and the reminder that in the middle of all this chaos that is our lives, there’s this redeeming spirit. There’s something great about finding another human being doing what you’re doing. You write a compelling story."
Mark Courtman
Health food store owner, workshop leader, healer
"I received your book a day or so before I made a huge transition. Never before has a book been so timely in my life! It still gives me strength every time I pick it up. It is definitely one of the best and most beautiful books I’ve ever read, and it’s handy to have around. When I turn to the meditative writings, I find exactly the lesson I need. I loaned ‘Voice of the Soul’ to a neighbor whose husband of 30 years died earlier this year, and it was a great help to her, too."
Alan Laurie
Graphic artist & fine arts painter, singer, actor
“Thank you for your marvelous book! It reinforced thoughts I had perceived myself and helped dissolve my fears. My life was beginning a new phase and your book called to me from a friend’s bookshelf. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with the world – I know you have and will continue to be blessed for stepping out and telling the truth.”
“I have been slowly reading your book, partly because I don’t want it to end. It always has the exact wisdom I need to hear at the moment. I have certainly read a zillion other books which say some of the same things, but for some reason this book is like salve to my heart and soul. It is very gentle, but really uplifting, with the strength of truth coming through every page. Thank you for your powerful book.”
Angie Brown.
Workshop Evaluations
“I just wanted to thank you for the glorious experience I had on Saturday with you at the Wisdom House in Litchfield, Ct. It truly was a transformative experience. Your spirit reached out to me in a time of need and helped me further along my healing process: I opened myself in a way I have been reluctant to do for some time now. Thank you.”
“Your energy, music, CDs and information at Spring Seabeck 2010 were just wonderful! Thank you!"
Mary & Steve
"You were such an inspiration to me during your recent workshop in Baton Rouge! I have never had a more exhilarating, yet fun time learning. Your guided exercises should have been implemented into our school systems long ago. I definitely would have been a better student for it...You showed me it was possible for someone like me, an ordinary individual, to reach the depths of one's own being and attain a higher awareness of existence. So calm, so peaceful...Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind along with your soothing music and angelic voice."
Deborah Cashio
"Practical Intuition" class, Baton Rouge
"This was one of the most fascinating classes I have taken. Answers to questions I have had were answered and a new sense of my universe and my role in it was revealed to me. What a wonderful teacher!"
Mae Kamin
"Evolving into Christ Consciousness" workshop
Unity in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
"The workshop was wonderful--one of the best I've ever attended. I'm still processing, but a big idea hit me the next day. I've read books and heard people talk about forgiveness and offer techniques to accomplish this. But it never seemed to click for me. I can't recall your talking specifically about forgiveness, but we did one exercise where we looked at faults and various circumstances and saw how they made us stronger, more loving, etc. Since these things helped me grow (and now I can see how), I can no longer see it as all bad. Unpleasant perhaps, but useful. So thank you for that and so much more. Let me know if you plan a return trip to this area."
Cindy W., teacher and healer
"Heart of Love" workshop
Unity in Edinboro, Pa.
"After your April seminar, where you showed us how to use the alpha bridge to go to theta and delta, I have experienced a much more powerful "orbit" (of energy) in my meditations. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us."
Don Dillon, New York City
"The meditations were beautiful and uplifting. The inclusion of scientific background and justifications really added to the experience and satisfied me. I've sensed for some time the need to explore meditation and spirituality but needed some help in finding direction. This will be a lifelong pursuit. Thank you."
Micah Russell, oceanography and piano performance
"Practical Meditation" class, LSU-Baton Rouge
"Thank you for being such a giving person and a loving teacher. Just the right blend of theory and doing, conceptual and practical exercises. You've helped us bring out wonderful things–coaxing out our souls."
Sylvia Chappell, writer
"The Languages of Soul" workshop,
A.R.E. of New York Center
"I really enjoyed your brain wave map because I like to know the scientific background. I too (like brain wave researcher Anna Wise) am a humanistic psychologist, so consciousness is high on my list of interests. You raised new ideas for me to incorporate in my work and personal life. This class was one more special, expansive experience on my spiritual journey."
Ed Rankin, substance abuse counselor
"Practical Meditation" class, LSU-Baton Rouge
"I loved this workshop. I learned more about the brain and meditation than ever and how that information relates to me, how we have control and the ability to do so much if we just focus, visualize and breathe! Thank you for a delightful day. "
Helen Psareas, New Orleans
"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! As a novice, I found your workshop most informative and beneficial, and I grew in this spiritual journey I am on. Your sincerity and personal communication were most valuable and added a few bricks to my newly constructed foundation in this area."
Cindy Pharis, Abita Springs, La.
"I liked your sensitivity to people in the audience and your openness and ability to speak to each person in terms of his/her needs."
Richard Norton, Jr., Metairie, La.
"Judy is a wonderful presenter. She is very knowledgeable and presented the material in an understandable format. Her voice is very soothing and her guided meditations were excellent. I look forward to having her return to expand on this information and do some dream work. She interlaced the Cayce material very effectively throughout and it just made such good sense."
Mary Ann G., Louisiana
"I look forward to putting into practice the (meditation) techniques learned and have confidence that they will work where others have failed."
Duane H., Louisiana
"I loved the workshop. I didn't know if I could connect with any information and was afraid that I might fail at reading my partner. But through the wonderful techniques and grounding process, I was able to feel certain things about my partner. This was a great experience. I want to do it more!"
Debbie Barnett
"The Languages of Soul," Baton Rouge
"This was a great workshop and certainly expanded my understanding of psychic abilities. I appreciated the techniques that addressed mind chatter, and I enjoyed the meditation exercises."
Lucinda Beacham, Ponchatoula, La.
"Excellent workshop! It affirmed what I felt about my abilities. I liked that Judith stayed on focus. I was never bored. She held my interest 100 percent. Thank you, Judith!"
Sandra Bongiovanni, Walker, La.
"I loved everything about this workshop. The explanation of brain wave states and correlation to (Edgar) Cayce and meditation crystallized many important concepts for me on many levels. Judith is truly a light and an enlightened (and enlightening) teacher! Her humor and down-to-earth approach made her a joy to listen to."
A.R.E. Center of New York
"I appreciated the in-depth explanation of each topic and the warmth and realness of the instructor, which made the workshop a gathering of like minds and not some boring lecture."
Larry Byrd
A.R.E. Center of New York
"Your profound remarks moved and have changed my life. I will remember your talk always."
Norbert Dennis
Retired mathematician
"I'm feeling so great! The happy child in me is coming through and feeling playful and free. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I attribute it to your presence and your workshop on self-love. Thank you."
Annette M.
High school librarian
"Judith, I really appreciated your knowledge, personal experience and teaching ability. I would like to attend more workshops. I would like to involve my husband. I'm impressed that my blood pressure has dropped to a normal level (in just one week of meditation). I am able to relax more easily, feel less tension. I have become more aware of my surroundings."
Jane Scheuermann
Legal Administrator
"Coming from a Type A lifestyle, I feel I have made great progress in my meditation in just one week--from not being able to focus to relaxing enough that my dreams are brighter in color and contain smells and feeling. I look forward to this journey. Thank you."
Cindy Rodney
Medical Professional
"Your workshop opened my mind to the possibility that I can come to know and be my 'true' self. When I came to your practical Meditation class, I didn't know what to expect, so was completely open to new ideas. Your explanation of how the mind works is fantastic!"
Sandra Hebert
Medical Professional
"I'm very glad I came to this workshop. I feel like it has shown me that meditation really does hold great possibilities for me. The diagram of how the mind works with meditation was very interesting and helps with the meditation itself. I wanted to stay on!"
Anne Daw
"In the week after our first session, I stayed better focused in my prayers. I pray a rosary every day and my mind wanders a fair bit. Now I stay focused longer."
Mark Davis
"Your voice and the sounds made by your musical instrument enhanced my meditative state. It was soothing. I'm glad that we mostly meditated and did not have to talk too much."
James Hood
Musician and Wood Artist
"I was very impressed with your knowledge and delivery. Your presentation skills were right on target for the audience. Some participants were very knowledgeable about meditation and others weren't. You were great at addressing each level. I really enjoyed your workshop."
Karen Wright
"I've now attended three of Judith's workshops, and they are always helpful, tender and full of practical guidance to get me back on track. What I like best about them is that I sense and experience loving teaching."
Cathi Edward
Baton Rouge
"Excellent presentation--you are a great teacher! You need to make an audio guided meditation available to us."
Chris Guidroz
Baton Rouge
"Judith, your sincerity is very evident, and your instruction is clear and thoughtful and fact-based. I feel trust with you and your material (and this is often not the case with other speakers). THANK YOU!!"
Dianne Short
Virginia Beach
"I loved your guided meditation. You led me through relaxing, grounding, centering, expanding and creating. Thank you so much."
Courtney Davis
Artist, Virginia Beach
"I think Judith holds the key to unlocking the chamber that holds the soul and keeps it from being and creating the Christ Consciousness. Through her, we all now have the tools to create that same key."
Cecil Salyer
Virginia Beach
"You are a wonderfully soft and sensitive and interesting teacher. Your ideas were very clearly presented and were interesting, and so were your handouts. Excellent leader for group participation. Your harp music and singing were wonderful for meditation."
Walene James
Author, Virginia Beach
"I just lost my husband of 55 years and believe that meditation will help me fill the void. This is a whole new experience for me and I loved it!"
Agnes Titkemeyer
Baton Rouge
"Dear one: I found your workshop very interesting! Loved all the info. Only complaint is when is the next installment? You were great. (Signed) Devoted in the wings!"
Gwen Perry
Mystic, mom and youth leader
"I've known Judy for 30-plus years and NEVER knew she had such an innate talent for passing her knowledge and wisdom to others. Judy took a complex subject and made it simple enough to understand without making her audience feel patronized. Oh yeah, it was INTERESTING, too! In fact, being a teacher and trainer myself and knowing that this is both an art and a science, I would say that Judy is up there with the best of the best!"
Vikki Riggle
Human resources manager/trainer
State of Louisiana
"Thank you so much for the wonderful healing meditation you did. It clarified some things for me and enabled me to reach a greater degree of understanding and forgiveness. Your ongoing work with frequency and resonance has great potential to help a large number of people. I'm sure that it will."
Jennifer Lovejoy, Ph.D.
Research scientist, musician and healer
"I really, really loved the way you presented the inter-level connections--beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwaves, rather than just left and right brain consciousness--and how we are able to link through any of those deeper levels with Spirit. This was the first time I'd heard it presented that way. I thought it was so powerful and really related to it."
Richard Gordon
Author and lecturer
"As a teacher, Judy Pennington presents her material using a balanced mix of sharp intellect and well-grounded intuition. Her humor and spirituality provide a delightful spark to her workshops and her enthusiasm is inspirational!"
Melinda Walsh
Media personality, writer and workshop leader
"Your meditation seminar was wonderful. It was very informative, particularly for a person who didn't know about brainwave frequencies before. What was really great was its being backed up by real research. It gave me a whole lot to think about."
Yvonne Denkins, Ph.D.
Biomedical scientist, jazz pianist and singer
"My favorite meditation was The Illuminated Door. I'm not particularly good at visualizing, so when I find one that's really good, I'm excited. I could see and feel the light enveloping me, and when it got really bright, I could feel its warmth. The door represented infinite possibilities and inspired me to take a leap and manifest my potential. I see that it's time to move forward!"
Imani Wilson
Administrator and psychology major
"It was a fabulous workshop. I really appreciated the brainwave forms--a handy way to conceptual different states of mind. I'm a geographer by trade, so the concept of form really resonated with me."
Charles Flanagan
Environmental geographer
Evaluation Comments
"This workshop was rewarding and wonderful. It helped me understand intuitive consciousness and its relevance in my life. Judith's explanations and way of putting it all together were excellent."
"Judith was warm, sensitive and open to everything--not rigid to a clock. I'd like to see this class offered in five or six sessions so we could develop these concepts in a group format. Let's have her back!"
"Judy was very well prepared, with plenty of handouts that saved us a lot of time. She's very generous with her knowledge and shows a lot of love."
"It was gratifying to see this information brought out. Thank you for sharing it. As one who has experienced this breakthrough, I'm glad to see it passed on to others!!! You are a lovely person!"
"You have a great way of explaining scientific information. Scientific proof is so exciting for what I know to be true. As always, I enjoyed your gifts. Thanks for sharing!"
"I learned some very practical, important facts and techniques. I enjoyed practicing the meditations."
"Your voice is very beautiful and a pleasure to listen to. I especially liked the guided meditations, which carried me into places of peace and serenity. I received information that will help me solve some significant problems in my life, and now I know how to return there to get help again. Thank you."
"Your workshop was fascinating, and I can see that I'll use this information in every aspect of my life. I already know who's in 'beta' and who's in 'alpha' frames of reference that make sense of a lot of human behavior that I didn't understand before. Thanks!"
"The class was excellent! Judy made it feel like we were in our living room with friends."
"I liked the openness of the instructor and the group participation. The information was essential and practical. Everything was perfect!"
What Unity Ministers Say
"Over the past several months we have been blessed with the opportunity to have Judith Pennington present several workshops and Sunday lessons at our church. Judith has been very well received by our membership, which looks forward to her return yet again...Judith has the beautiful ability to create an intimate and sacred setting, weaving in music and personal stories, and encouraging all participants to discover that which is beautiful within them. I highly recommend that you invite Judith to your own church so that your congregation can experience her warmth and love."
Joanne M. Rowden, spiritual leader
Unity in Edinboro, Pennsy-lvania
"I highly recommend Judy Pennington's presentations to your congregation. She was a member of my church in Baton Rouge and continued to attend very actively after I retired. She is very highly spiritual and loving, sensitive and intelligent, caring and compassionate. I am sure your people will benefit from her consciousness."
Retired Rev. Marjorie Kass
Founder, Church of the Open Road
& Unity Church
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"It is my joy to share wonderful words about Judy's presentations at our church. I found her message refreshing and I loved how she wove her music in with the talk. I heard many positive comments from our congregants. They found the content of the talk stimulating and Judy very relaxed and engaging. In speaking with those who attended her workshop, I can say that they found her material fascinating and thought provoking. We look forward to Judy's coming back to share more with us."
Rev. Patricia Bessey
Christ Unity Oceanside,
Virginia Beach, Virginia
"Judy Pennington's workshops on consciousness expansion through meditation merge science with spiritual principles and give participants a hologram of experience. Judy's loving nature satisfies the intellectual as well as the spiritual appetite of each participant. This experience is sure to enrich both your understanding and practice of meditation."
Rev. Judi Venturini
Unity of Lehigh Valley,
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
"I highly recommend Judy Pennington's workshops and speaking presentations. Her book, The Voice of the Soul, combines the science of the soul with the heart of love and is both intriguing and inspiring. In her talks and workshops, her research, combined with personal inquiries and experience, makes the information come alive with meaning for her audiences. Because she has worked with teens as well as adults, her presentations are appealing to people of all ages. The depth of her guided meditations and the ease of her speaking style were truly an inspiration to my congregation."
Rev. Jan Mahannah
Unity Church of Christianity,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
CD Reviews
"The quality of your CD is superb. The words and phrasing in the meditaitons are soothing, centering and inspiring. The toning can assist anyone to achieve their own personal harmonic convergence--especially the HU, sometimes referred to as the 'source' sound of all creation!"
Mark Stupka, founder
The Center for Natural Healing, Baton Rouge
"I really enjoyed The Illuminated Door. The guided meditations are easy to follow and result in a deep meditative state. I like the segmented format because I can choose how long I want to meditate or in what section I would like to do more work. I also enjoy the combination of Judy's soothing voice--the intermittent music and singing. It all provides the soul with a wonderful journey to peacefulness."
--Janet Brand, teacher
"I listen to your CD over and over again, usually just before bed, and it takes me to wonderful places. Of all my meditation CDs, yours is the best."
Karen G.
Whitehall, Pa.
"When I put your meditation CD on, I didn't realize it was more than one meditation. I stayed right with it. It took me so deep, into a continuous deepening that led to a calm, peaceful state. There was a gentle joyousness in it. I had a very strong insight which helped me understand some things that are very important to me. I was absolutely amazed, lost in time. I'm definitely planning to listen to it again."
Don Hutter
Healer and meditation teacher
"Judy's voice is that of a dear friend, leading me to a deep, still place. This CD has greatly enhanced my meditation practice. The gentle guiding and Judy's beautiful singing have allowed my meditation to go deeper. It has been hard for me to chant the Om by myself, but along with Judy's voice, I find I can do it very successfully."
Dianne Short, Virginia Beach
"When the stresses of daily life start wearing me down, I find it so relaxing and refreshing to give myself some time going within. Your CD provides the perfect imagery to help me escape, be still and listen!"
Deb Coscia,
project control engineer
"Wow, what a wonderful, peaceful experience! From the very beginning of this CD there is such a silent excitement that surrounds me each time I listen to it, relaxing, energizing, spiritual. The soft strums of the zither of which I can rest my spirit, the gentle spoken words wise and true, the wonderful additions of singing at just the right moments. This CD is a pleasure and a joy... a wonderful, trusted friend bringing me back to myself every time."
Orhan Mc Millan,
Graphic artist


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